#KeepTheChangeBae : How Everything Got Started

#KeepTheChangeBae is the newest bae in town and everyone, including brands can’t stop talking about her.

In case you missed it, the Ibadan-based lady went to see a movie with an internet friend and after they parted ways, the dude took to Twitter to slam her for refusing to start a romantic relationship with him. He bragged about spending money on her, called her a ‘broke ass hungry bitch’, and felt proud of himself afterwards.

But the lady decided to teach him a thing or two about class. She made an analysis of how much he spent that day, a total of N3,800, generously transferred N5,000 into his Wema Bank account, and then asked him to keep the change ‘bruh’.

Twitter went on a meltdown. The upset dude slipped into oblivion as the world applauded this young woman who schooled him that going on a movie date with someone does not immediately translate into a relationship.

Now, every good brand are out there is trying to get the lady’s attention; from First Bank that requested to refund what she paid back the pained dude, to salons offering her free services.

#KeepTheChangeBae has become the hottest trend since #HurtBae which was centered around a failed relationship.

Even actor IK Ogbonna wants to go on a date (with no strings attached) with this woman. Talk about becoming a celebrity; her mother, who we like to think taught her the art of being classy, must be so proud of this bae!


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