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10 Things You Should Never Do On Facebook


Apr 1, 2016 #facebook


But similar to actual existence, which greater or less has ceased to exist, there are a few social protocols on facebook too, examine – there are positive things that may make a whole douchebag out of you, irrespective of how delightful they will appear to you.



#1 Never end game requests -: ok, you “urgently”, “right away” and “desperately” want a dozen younger hatchlings or some a hundred creation bricks, however BREAKING news dumbo, nobody offers a rat’s ass approximately it. Seriously you need to realize which you must be maintaining ordinary beings faraway from your pussy cat video games. Get a existence, just don’t hold requesting one.

#2 comment on popularity dating :- You’ve were given no job, no one to be with, nil to do to your life, nix to paintings on, and that’s whilst you take pleasure in sports which might be specially meant to be neglected. K a like right here and there may be nice, however commenting on a “XYZ is now single” popularity with “she didn’t deserve you anyways bro” is reserved simplest for the idlest sort of beings.

#3 Tagging friends to get likes -: You don’t recognize how many humans are conspiring to kill you right this second because of your tremendous worrying dependancy of tagging all of us for your silly statuses in which you claim to consume 27 eggs in one cross or that disturbing p.C of your canine pooping (which BTW even your dog hates). So subsequent time you notice a bullet coming in the direction of you, you’ll understand why.

#4 Liking your pic/ status -: @#$%$#^ likes his own percent. Don’t you understand how lame it sounds? There’s an air of desperation in it. Possibly you are…………

#5 Post private conversations on walls -: “closing night time turned into incredible, wanna do it all over again”. Yeah okay, you’re having a grotesque lifestyles with that even greater dumb associate or friend of yours. Nevertheless why have you acquire to publicize the truth that you’re residing a delusion. Get actual no person wants to pay attention you rant approximately your personal conversations. They invented texting and fb messaging for that.

#6 Post photos that you took in bathroom mirror-: forget about absolutely. You need to absolutely do that more frequently. Those semi nude pictures are what make you viral across fb. Whilst you do, please send me the link too, I’ll have an excellent time ROFLing………….. I suggest admiring your bulging tummy and drooping chest. I might also even get you a like or .

#7 publish about cooking, bathing, shitting and the whole lot else -: Do no longer abuse the facebook repute function. It especially says “What’s in your thoughts?”…not “What are you currently doing every 5 mins of your lifestyles”. We’re so not interested whilst you post images and statuses approximately cooking a dish, then ingesting it, then washing the dishes, and worst of all, defecating the same thing. *Gross*,k that’s a piece exaggeration, however hope you get the general concept.

#8 adding humans you don’t know -: Having huge no. Of pals turned into cool simplest upto the generation whilst dinosaurs used Orkut, it’s over now. Sending requests and accepting the same from random unknown human beings is the height of being a nut bag unless you’ve simply became a minor movie star and need to indulge in a bit starlight

#9 Absurd quizzes -: Yup, era had superior, however still a freakin unsolicited mail facebook software cannot let you know who’re your crushes, who’s your maximum relied on pal, which soccer participant you are (despite the fact that you’ve in no way entered the sphere). It does no longer get less difficult than that. One element every body can let you know for sure, who’s the no. 1 dumbass.

#10 using shorthand -: If ur nt annoyed by way of this,then probably you have to get your self checked by using a therapist. Pls prevent destryin d englsh lang. No mattr hw bsy u r, u cn olwyz hav time 2 ceremony “all” instd of “ol”. Nwe i dnt hv nthng mo 2 se bout dis ishu.

By Fasasi

Fasasi Abiodun (CEO IJEBULOADED) is a Nigerian news carrier blogger, writer, entrepreneur and a public relation officer. We bring you the Nigerian News, Music and All Informative Messages On This Medium. Connect With Me Via: IG/Twitter: @ijebuloadedng Call/Whatsapp: +2348050947397

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