19 Pictures That Accurately Describe Living In Ijebu Ode




1. How people act when you tell them you live in Ijebu Ode.

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Ah pele oh! You thought Lagos was the only place in the world?


2. When you hear that there’s finally a cinema in Ijebu Ode.

clap rihanna shade

Ah finally! I still can’t believe they gave Akure before us.


3. When you get to the cinema and they’re still showing movies from last year.


What a disappoint!


4. When Chicken Republic and Tantalizers came to Ijebu Ode but Mosun Cafe managed to chase them away.


KFC will not even bother. There’s sha still Mr Biggs.


5. When you were happy when Savoury opened but then you heard their prices.


Ejo e koshi lo. Mosun Cafe will still chase you away.


6. Mosun Cafe on a Sunday.


Before all the chicken will finish.


7. When you want to go to the mall and you have to make the 45 minute drive to Ibadan.


Ah nawa.


8. When you’re trying go somewhere within town and the keke guy calls 100 naira.

side eye mean

Better behave!


9. When you realize that Ijebu Ode is almost as crowded as Lagos.

come and be going

No seriously, there’s no house for you to rent.


10. How you look at Lagos people with their banned okada.

ntoi 2



11. When the bike man asks where in Erunwon and you say “around Ilese..”


Get out!


12. When people that live in Ijebu Mushin and Ijebu Itele also say they live in Ijebu Ode.

stay in your lane

Please it’s not the same place.


13. When policemen try to stop you and they’re not holding guns.


When there’s no traffic?


14. Ijebu Ode banks and closing early.



 Since armed robbers won’t leave them alone.


15. You waiting on an ATM queue in Ijebu Ode.

waiting long

It’s never short.


16. When you get back from New Market and you start telling your mom the prices.

General photos on the set of OWN's Iyanla Fix my Life episode with Bob & Shereé Whitfield in Atlanta, Georgia, Tuesday, February 5, 2013. (Paul Abell/Elevation Photos for OWN)

“They scammed you.” Yup. They will always scam you.


17. When you see a masquerade in Ijebu.


Bruh, better hide. Those people can flog you.


18. When someone says Ijebu Ode is local.

shut up

We’ll still take all your Lagos jobs. Shut up.


19. When an original Ijebu person cooks you that fire Ikokore.




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