5 Ways to ‘Enjoy’ Lagos Traffic









Lagos and traffic cannot be separated specially because the state marches in the direction of becoming a mega city. Ironically, on every occasion the visitors recedes, you’ll find out the reason of the gridlock to be as odd as a industrial driving force choosing passengers on the street or human beings parked in the center of the street shouting at the top in their voices for no important reason. This is the tale of Lagos’ traffic… and those infamous roadblocks do no longer appear like going away every time quickly.
However, whilst others groan, you can in reality flip the coin and enjoy this case! Jovago.Com, Africa’s #1 resort booking portal stocks recommendations on how you could achieve this.

Take pride in comical scenes

There are such a lot of hilarious matters that manifest on Lagos roads that you can not help but giggling. You have got the conductor shouting at his passengers to board his bus with their exchange, a tout forcefully amassing cash from the commercial buses which every so often results in a fight, and two people seeking to outwit one another in a shouting in shape. There are so many witty dramas that occur in traffic.

Ride alongside a lady 

Women have a unique impact on guys that even first-rate scientists are yet to decipher. So, while you are leaving for home, go along with either your spouse or your female friend. Both of you may keep yourselves business enterprise. It’s miles even better if you have a crowd in your car. You exchange banters, speak approximately office troubles and cope with any visitors problems. This will be fun.

Turn the tune up!

Track is the meals of the soul. While using, wind up, play your preferred track and sing along. This can help you control the despair that comes with riding in visitors. Recall to focus on the street!

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