7 Untold Truths About The Nigerian Music Industry

Peep some of the points I’ve succinctly outlined below and tell me if you already didn’t think them too.

1. Ice Prince


If anybody can mention 5 popularly hot songs on which Ice Prince laced his rapper prowess, I’m talking bars only, no singing, then I might consider retracting this thought. I mean, how can a rapper’s popular songs be the ones where he’s busy making cacophonious melodies? Honestly, Ice Prince trips me the way and manner which he runs his shxt but he seriously needs to have a handle on it.






2. Olamide


I comprehend that my musical decisions can some of the time be far over the realistic standard in the Nigerian music industry however in any case, there’s a worldwide society for music be it hip-jump or rap, R&B, option, established and bla. Thank the stars that Nigerians have found a way to best suit all that they now do under the “afro” setting, despite everything it doesn’t suffice… as I would see it however, particularly when I consider where Olamide can be ordered. Would we truly like to call that thing he does, rapping? I trust the evidence speak for itself




3. Lil Kesh


I genuinely thought ability (expertise + hardwork) and vicinity were the main considerations for one to succeed, or even better, increase due acknowledgment. In any case, emotional turn out of occasions at the Headies recompenses stage on new year’s made me begin to amuse contemplations generally. The undeniable inquiry is not whether Lil Kesh is skilled, yet it appears the forces that be continued hitting a detour of “buts” each time his izzue was determined to journey control. It might have much to do with the way that this ability that we so talk about, can’t be in connection to a genuine music workmanship, i.e rapping. I may not be one to estimate but rather by and by, I’ve had enough of this close entertaining yet phonic absurdity that their pac have turned out to be outstandingly acclaimed for.


4. Tiwa Savage


There’s this popular adage that says when the breeze blows, the fowl’s behind will be exposed. The interpretation is quite lucid and suffice to say it’s an expression of best fit for what has now become Tiwa Savage’s music career. I was one of the #SavageSoldiers who stayed rooting for her comeback with a big bang so you can imagine my joy when she announced the surprise album. I am not so ecstatic for her anymore as her album was a mirror to how badly she has given in to pressures from the industry. Afterall it is not by force to be on top.

Unless Mr Billz likes it that way :-p



5. MI Abaga


It’s impressive that M.I (still) has a legion of fans who are ready to stake their lives over a stained glory that is now fast blotted out. So if I go ahead to say M.I is not (or rather, no longer) Nigeria’s king of rap, you’ll agree with me right? Even if you don’t, shall I remind you that Jesus Christ hasn’t ever stopped being Lord? So why then should we make an excuse for M.I when his case afterall isn’t any different? I’m shamed by how kids he inspired have risen far above the ranks where he now settles for less average. M.I has gotta stop being a lazy bastid!




6. Wizkid


Wizkid’s music has encountered a loathsome descending incline from the kid who made it right off the ghetto avenues of Ojuelegba and crossed onto the cleared walkways of Wall Street to turning into the confirmed face of the Nigerian music industry who now sings supreme refuse. What’s more, even with no second thoughts at all, Wizkid has fizzled reliably in conveying tunes whose verses verge on basic judgment skills. Yet it creates the impression that the strength in his enchantment mixture is solid that we never see him past the cosmic system where his star sparkles the most. To what extent more before the impact at last melts away however? I propose kid Wizzy gets a firm top on his shxt.



7. D’Prince


D’Prince really is not that bad a guy. Very less than often, he shows flash signs of genius and his ovation can sometimes be the loudest when we applaud. But there’s also that satisfactory feeling you get when you use a switch button to turn off the sound of something that no longer gives comfort – this equally represent the very one and same D’Prince. Pathetic, right?

Bless God for the incredible person that is Don Jazzy, he’s brought and kept his kid brother in the music spotlight using savoury tunes that have infectiously stuck in our brains like soft gum on a very bad hair day. Thus, save for those rare moments of brilliance, I can’t categorically state whether D’Prince needs to stop, or be stopped! And so based on this inconclusive premise, I’ve decided to label him a white lie in the mix.

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