Barcelona-Atletico Madrid: All to Play For #Football #UCL #FCBarcelona


Barcelona go into the Calderon with an objective point of preference, yet it’s the slimmest of thin leads. Atletico got the exceptionally essential away objective, as the platitude goes, in a 2-1 misfortune at Camp Nou.

Barcelona have an inherent wellbeing net. Any draw, or undoubtedly lost 1 objective in which they score no less than 2, and they experience. Be that as it may, there’s a motivation behind why, generally, groups that lose the principal leg 2-1 away progress 49% of the time, as per numbers crunched by detail maestro Mister Chip.

A 1-0 home win for Atletico isn’t simply well inside of the domain of probability, it’s nearly their strength. A 2-1 scoreline, trailed by a punishment shootout win, additionally appears like a probable course for Atletico. Barcelona have been horrendous at punishments; Atletico went 8-for-8 in a shootout against PSV Eindhoven.

Be that as it may, enthusiastically for Cules, Barcelona have had Atleti’s number in the last few experiences. Luis Enrique is 7-for-7 against Diego Simeone’s men: that is, 7 wins in 7 coordinates, a strange effectiveness against such quality restriction.

But then… it’s difficult to think this streak will go on always, particularly as most by far of those wins have been by a solitary objective. Actually, bar for the initially meeting between the supervisors in their particular rules, when Barcelona won 3-1, it’s been only the objective between them.

Atletico don’t yield numerous, so maybe it’s not astonishing, but rather it suggests that the crevice in quality is little in reality.

This implies is Barcelona must overlook their droop in the group (3 matches without a win) and in addition their win streak over Atletico (7 consecutively) and concentrate on getting the outcome. It unquestionably won’t be simple.

It’s hard not to believe Atleti’s press will give Barcelona cerebral pains early, yet as usual, the group must depend on especially Sergio Busquets to get things going from the back. At that point, clearly, it tumbles to the vaunted MSN trio – Messi, Suarez, and Neymar – to make chances as well as to calm the resistance by keeping up the ball and, when the time is correct, assisting protectively.

Due to the tight aggressiveness between the sides, the circumstance at 0-0 is very unstable.

One can imagine Atletico fancying their odds at 0-0 with say, 70 minutes gone, regardless of the fact that it wouldn’t be a perfect circumstance for them, either. Score one, and Barcelona have just a couple of minutes to attempt to respond. Simeone can then stop the mother of all transports and thump the Blaugrana out.

That is the reason getting on the board first is so imperative for Barcelona. They would drive Atletico to take risks, seeing as they will by then need 2 objectives just to constrain additional time.

With possibly an opportunity to counter or two, Barcelona could put it well to bed then. A 2-0 or even 2-1 looks like goodnight for Atletico. Keep in mind, 3-2 is insufficient for Atletico because of the away objective.

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