Buhari: Between Ayo Fayose and Yours Truly, by Femi Fani-Kayode (Part 1)

Human beings frequently say that my friend and brother, Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti country and that i are giving the President Muhammadu Buhari authorities a run for his or her cash greater than some other duo within the united states.

fayose and buhari

Even though he and i come from very one of a kind backgrounds and our approach and patterns, while confronting troubles, are very extraordinary they say that we are both deeply committed to our cause, we’re each contentious and that we each have the courage of our convictions. They also say we are each prepared to select up the gauntlet, champion the motive of our birthday celebration and those and stand our floor while confronted by way of our adversaries or provoked into any combat. There may be absolute confidence about the truth that each Fayose and i are comparable in some ways. We both draw titanic strength from our respective christian stories and the electricity of our faith. We additionally each have a comparable world-view and we both have a truthful concept about who the real troublers of our state, our faith and our human beings are. We’re each what we are because of what we had been subjected to via the machine and the powers that be over the years and due to what we have both suffered and been through within the palms of these we once reverred, worked with and depended on. We are also each praying men who have cherished ones and circle of relatives which can be robust in the religion and that pray tough and well. I accept as true with the assesment of these that regularly examine us however there may be a small caveat: I regard Fayose as being a populist- a rugged, grassroots chief of the suffering hundreds and a radical baby-kisser at the same time as I see myself more as a man of letters, a historian, a deep-philosopher and a politically-lively but cloistered intellectual. Allow me to make a instead crude analogy and to bask in a graphic and worrying metaphor. In our lengthy-drawn and persistent political warfare and conflict for power he makes use of a thick and blunt cudgel to fight our enemies and batter them to demise while i use a thin and sharp rapier with which I slowly carve them up, slice them to pieces and bleed them into eternity. He crushes their bones with rage and brutal efficiency while I clinically cut them up with ruthless precision. Both strategies are equally effective and each gain their targets. Yet, something our differences can be in terms of style, choice of weapon, approach of battle, substance and technique, they are saying that we’ve each courageously stood up to the Buhari government and that we’ve both defiantly spoken our minds approximately what is going on in our u . S . Today. Therefore they have described us both as “lions and warriors”. This is very type of them though, is reasonably, I believe that writers and columnists like Mr. Yinka Odumakin, Professor Femi Aribisala and Mr. Jude Ndukwe, politicians like Governor Seriake Dickson, Governor Olusegun Mimiko and Dr. Sulaiman Olanrewaju Abubakar (the previous Minister of countrywide planning), bloggers like Mr. Deji Adeyanju and Mrs. Aziza Uko, journalists like Mr. Shaka Momodu and Mr. Yemi Adebowale and countless others fall into that “lion” category as well. They have got additionally displayed colossal courage. It is not simply Ayo Fayose and yours really. A number of our pals have also mentioned that all that we stated about President Buhari and the APC at some point of the Presidential campaign final 12 months have proved to be prophetic. These types of type words and this alternatively generous evaluation and categorization of both Fayose and i may be very encouraging and i recognize them. Not like in other nations where vocal competition is advocated and appeared as an essential part of democracy and an powerful manner of maintaining those in strength on their feet, while one sticks ones neck out for his or her usa and those and is loud of their competition to authorities on this a part of the world, it’s miles a thankless, unappreciated, lonely and threatening road. And alas, greater frequently than not, one is mocked, refrained from, despised, hated, misunderstood, persecuted, maligned, insulted and misrepresented for taking it. That is particularly so whilst one is handling a callous and ruthless authorities, like we have in our usa nowadays. We are being led by means of a group of humans who’ve a hidden time table, who hate their perceived enemies and detractors, who’re inherently incompetent and who’re manifestly unjust. We’re careworn with a central authority who can not abide grievance, who’re scared of their own shadow, who have no decency or honor and who have failed in all their ways. We are saddled with a leadership who have angry God and man, who’ve ruined our state, who’ve impoverished our humans, who’re bereft of thoughts and who are hell bent on intimidating the competition and silencing the voice of truth. I’m touched by using the phrases of these which can be encouraging the ones of us that have selected to take that road of vocal and virile opposition and this is mainly so due to the fact i’ve high-quality admire and affection for Ayo Fayose and i don’t forget him to be one of our brightest growing stars in the south west. His name is Peter, just like the Rock inside the Holy Bible, and he can’t be shaken. He is a strong guy of faith, a relied on and dependable pal and i am proud to be mentioned in the equal breath as him. Yet it isn’t me that announces, writes and does this stuff that humans find so wonderful and courageous however rather He that is in me. It’s miles a present from God and that present is called the Holy Spirit. He offers us foresight, insight, sensitivity, a phrase for the season and the ability to endure any shape of persecution and complication and still stand sturdy. He offers us the capacity to domesticate a company solve, to assume matters thru sincerely, to wait on Him and to have endurance. He additionally offers us huge braveness, specifically while underneath hearth. As a depend of truth the extra the fire burns, the more the courage rages. This is what is usually called “Christian fury” and it’s far a deep and inexplicable mystery. I am sure that i’m able to communicate for Fayose on that too because the identical applies to him. It isn’t he that asserts and does the things that he says and does however the Holy Spirit of the living God that is in him. My brother, Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo country, the Iroko of the Western region, has the identical present despite the fact that he’s a bit extra restricted, tempered and gentle. He is also a religious and working towards Christian and his feel of maturity, understanding and civility does now not make him any much less effective. A consummate and experienced flesh presser and leader: he’s clearly formidable in all his approaches. If any discerning flesh presser sits with Mimiko for ten mins or extra he will recognise that the Holy Spirit flows via him like water flows through an estuary or a flow. He is a profoundly appropriate guy: a man of strength and energy however he couples it with deep compassion and a experience of fairness, decency and fairness this is hardly ever visible in our shorelines. Returned to Ayo Fayose and yours truely. In all our adventures there may be one distinction among the Governor of Ekiti nation and that i which many fail to comprehend. Under our legal guidelines, due to the fact he’s a serving Governor, he has immunity from arrest and prosecution but I do not. He has the people of Ekiti state solidly in the back of him to applaud and guide his every phrase and circulate however I do now not. He has the machinery and strength of a whole nation authorities and a kingdom residence of meeting to combat for him but I do now not. He has the friendship and help of all his fellow PDP Governors and the birthday celebration leadership however I do now not. In contrast to him my defence is only religious yet that is extra than sufficient to assure my protection and properly-being. This is greater than enough to comfort me and deliver me energy and victory. I do not have all the bodily and constitutional protection that he has and i don’t need it. I only have God but. He’s greater than sufficient for me. I most effective have my religion but that religion maintains to transport mountains for me. I best have the Lord’s certain phrase and promise but that certain word and promise is worth extra than one thousand armies and all the gold, silver and electricity within the global as it never fails. I best have His love, His grace, His blessing and His mercy, but it in no way falters. I’m bold, confident and sturdy because the Lord is with me. (TO BE persevered).

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