Conflict Between Awolowo, Akintola Led To 1966 Coup- Yakassai







Truths have risen of the components which prompted January 15, 1966 upset.

This, agreeing Dr Tanko Yakassai, a dynamic political player in the First Republic having held a few national positions in the outdated Northern Elements Peoples Union, NEPU, was as an aftereffect of the fight between the Awolowo and Akintola groups.

In this meeting distributed by Vanguard, the previous National Financial Secretary, National Youth Leader, National Organizing Secretary and consequently National Secretary of the Aminu Kano drove party elaborated on the elements that prompted the January 15, 1966 upset and the results from there on.

You were all that much around in 1966. Was there any requirement for the upset of that year?

No, and I said it in my life account on the grounds that, the main contention was that there were political emergencies in Western Nigeria between two groups of the Action Group AG – the Awolowo bunch and that of Akintola.

Obviously, that emergency was not kidding yet it was just restricted to ranges around Ibadan and Ijebu-Ode. At that point, in Tiv division, there was emergency between supporters of the AG and UMBC and the outcome was that the emergency in these two spots prompted a few killings, however whatever is left of the nation was in peace.

The affection the military utilized was that they assumed control power to subdue those two emergencies in those territories. In any case, on the off chance that you take a gander at the results of their activities – all they needed to do was to spare lives, however the overthrow prompted the common war and a harsh appraisal of the quantity of individuals murdered on both sides amid the war was five million which was not even the exact figure.

All in all, on the off chance that you came to spare not exactly a hundred lives and you wound up executing more than five million individuals, would you call that intercession defended? The overthrow was a bit much, but rather it was a piece of the procedure of improvement. What achieved it was the squabble in the Action Group, yet even that fight, as indicated by insiders, was not “national”.

Individuals said it was a squabble between the wife of the AG pioneer, Chief Awolowo and the wife of the man who succeeded him, his delegate, Chief Akintola and the purpose behind the battle was that when Awolowo was the Premier, the claim was that his wife was getting contracts for the supply of activity books and perusing materials in essential and auxiliary schools and that when he exited control and was succeeded by his representative, the wife of the appointee demanded that the agreement ought to be shared in the middle of her and Mrs Awolowo.

That prompted a squabble between the two wives and in the long run it turned into a fight between two mammoths which prompted the separation of the gathering, yet the general visibility of the emergency was that Akintola was of the conclusion that the main path for the Yorubas to be in the standard of Nigerian governmental issues was to collaborate with the northern pioneers.

Awolowo was against that and the emergency prompted the split of the gathering at their tradition in Jos, I think in 1962 or something like that. That was what prompted the emergency furthermore that was the reason given by the military to assume control power.

Basically, could that be the start of our mishap in our journey for genuine popular government?

In our walk towards consummating fair administer, the military intercession was the primary driver of our misfortune. The first of 1966 and the second one of 1983 when Buhari ousted Shagari.

We have had 16 straight years of regular citizen standard. Do you predict any conceivable military invasion in the closest future?

Indeed, I am not God; no one but God can tell what might happen later on be that as it may, on occasion the upsetting and disappointment inside of the general public everywhere, could influence the mind of the diverse portions of the general public, the military likewise included. Case in point, there is across the board neediness and need cash available for use in the nation now. Individuals, barely can have enough to deal with themselves and their wards.

The military assumed control in 1966 trusting that they could stop the killings in a few sections of the West, however at last they made a condition for the common war. At the point when the cost of oil descended from $45 to about $7 per barrel in 1982/83, Buhari and his gathering believed that in the event that they assumed control power, they would have the capacity to handle the circumstance. This was precisely why they toppled Shagari.

I read Buhari’s show and he discussed defilement yet there was no debasement since I just experienced the rundown of individuals from Shagari’s bureau, associates, priests, guides, collaborators and others, and I think we were 75 or something like that. All through the two-year time of the military tribunal, just five individuals were arraigned. The vast majority of those sentenced were state government authorities however individuals at the middle, the lion’s share of them, were not prosecuted thus we can’t depict that administration as degenerate.

The debasement that we are presently discussing was exacerbated by the military from 1983 to date. Indeed, even the mishap we had was that when this nation was about-facing to regular citizen principle, force was given over by the military to a resigned military officer and in this way he ran the framework with a military mind.

Presently, he handpicked Yar’Adua and after he kicked the bucket, he (Obasanjo) moved to inspire Jonathan to assume control with the trust that he would keep on managing from the foundation. He corrected the constitution of his gathering to make himself the life-executive of the Board of Trustees BOT.

This was after he had sold everything attractive to his kitchen cupboard young men and when Yar’Adua came, he understood that life couldn’t proceed with that way and he chose to invert the offers of a large portion of those properties and different approaches. At the point when Jonathan succeeded Yar’Adua, Obasanjo additionally trusted that he would stay in his Ota Farm to be managing things to Jonathan since autocracy is a piece of the military mind and they live by coordinating their subordinates.

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