[Crime] : An Old Friend Stole His Friend’s Phone To Scam People On His Contacts

Please learn from my sad experience.. This happened last saturday; writing this day, 19th, May 2017.

i always feel delighted whenever i meet old friends especially those i knew that way back, they used to be very funny and had goals and aspirations and are hardworking.
Samson Ogunmekan Adewale, an old friend whom i met after my secondary school 7 years ago (2010). He came to live with his Grandpa and we used to cut jobs together, hustle and did GCE lessons together. I got admitted into one of the polytehnics in the southwestern region, my friend, Samson did not. He continued to work.
He is a little older than i am but we used to share meal in the same plate way back and respect each other.
But from time, he has had a problem of mouthing about having what only the rich can boast of but i know this of him, so anytime he starts bragging i just stop him and we laugh it off. Samson was very hardworking that sometimes his boss owes him his wages yet he would continue to work tirelessly.
Few years later, i learnt work took him to Sagamu and in 2015, i met him in ijebu Ode in his old behaviour(working hard), returning rentals to co-rental services as the supervisor.
He was still using his old lines, since then we hardly contact each other.. Then he was still using his old fb account “Samson Ogunmekan”.
I met Samson sometimes this year (2017) early this month (May), was excited and shared new contacts. Told him i school and i’m a computer engineer also by vocation. He said he lives in ijebu Ode now but did not disclose the kind of work he does now.
He called some days later that he might need a laptop soon, i told him there’s no stock at hand that i will have to get it from Ikeja.
On Saturday,13th May 2017, he called very urgent around 6am that he would like to get the laptop that day. He asked me to forward my account details; few hours later he started calling repeatedly asking if i’ve seen the alert of the transfer he made.I Said NO. When the calling was becoming too much, i invited him to come down to my office.
Didn’t know i invited a thief.He came, i checked his phone, no alert, me neither. It was at this point i started to recognize that he has been lying about the transfer. He actually wanted to scam me with the laptop. He stayed for about 2 hours, asked of the image of the PC, showed it to him on my phone. Unknown to me, he’s managed to memorize my passkey.
He then said, his phone has went off that he was gonna call someone to meet him at the entrance of my shop complex downstairs. i was carried away with “he use to be my friend and a known face” and ignored my new discovery ( that his lies have become worse) claiming he’s building his site now and many other trash.
I felt, i know him naww, he wont try what i’m thinking.. The moment he got downstairs, he fled with the phone on a bike. i was confident he probably would have to flash and sell it, else it’s useless to him.
Surprisingly, 5hrs later, people started calling to tell me i was online on whatsapp few minutes ago. He has accessed it.
Before the following morning, he has chatted people with my image begging them for money to borrow him and being that i’ve never asked such from my friends, some naively fell for it. Without calling me to confirm why i sent another account number.
In short, a total of 27k have been transfered to his account “ Access Bank -069490150 – Samson Ogunmekan Adewale“. His Phone numbers are: 08140080073, 08154883781
I’ve made a Police Report and Affidavit as regards to this incident. Thanks to God i had good friends who stood out for me that i’m not a scammer and also, the poilce reports to prove but besides, the grammar composed in the chats are weigh too off my way of chatting (too many blunders).
Access bank did not grant my request for his account to get flagged but requested i bring a court order which costs about 10k to obtain (after pleading), though he has withdrawn everything.
Now that i’ve blocked him out, he’s using another line to chat my contacts. i call his lines but he would ignore.
I’ve learnt my lessons, but one thing i’m yet to fathom is why he is so desperate to put me into trouble and believe he’d go free.

10k plus 27k debts on me and my phone too gone for foolishly hooking up with an old friend.
I hope somebody somewhere learn a thing or two from my story. Be careful who you call your friends and its best if you could stay away from old friends you haven’t see in years.Also, be security conscious, call if need be the person you wants to make transaction with to be double sure you are not sending to a different person.
Please the above account number is used to fraud people, help share until he gets nailed…

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