Disgusting Things Men Do In Relationships

Apparently, no woman likes to be cheated on, bad morning breaths, wearing the same underwear for days, farting, over-sized ego, lies, being taken for granted, being taken advantage of etc. These are most of the things we find disgusting in relationships, but we tend to compromise or be quiet about some, just so we don’t hurt your feelings. Relationships they say, come with a lot of sacrifices from two connected individuals, who are willing to make things work. They tend to endure some things just to make the relationship work.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re losing yourself. Of course, you want to stay real and genuine when you’re in an intimate relationship with someone. However, you still want to do your part in putting your best foot forward. It’s always important that you are presenting your best self towards your partner. Men do a lot of disgusting things in relationships while being completely oblivious of the fact that their partners may find them quite obnoxious. Some of those disgusting things, I took my time to outline.

Morning bad breath

While some may find it romantic, especially to kiss her in the morning without brushing; many others fare not comfortable with it .

Wearing the same underwear for days

Exactly! ‘Eww’! That’s what I believe everyone should say too. It’s completely disgusting and I strongly believe no woman likes this. It’s wrong! It’s gross! We women find it disgusting! Please stop! There’s no justification to this. It’s only right you change your underwear EVERYDAY. That way, you save your partner the stress of continually inhaling filth and treatment of infection.

Nothing is as sexy and attractive as a clean Man.


Ego: Every human’s sense of self-worth or self-importance. It’s present in every human being – no doubt. However, it gets unattractive and even disgusting to women when you possess an enormously unnecessary sense of importance. You think of yourself as the best thing to ever happen to the woman on planet earth.

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You rub it in the face of your partner and may even tend to demean her in the process. Some even go as far as abusing their partners over trifle faults because they think they own them. A lot of women may endure this, perhaps for her unending love for you, or for what you guys share together. Or even for any other reason whatsoever. Many women endure to keet relationship on. For whatever it is – it’s wrong! I personally find it disgusting!

Some women shared their thoughts on this topic. “God! I can’t stand a man that doesn’t shave his pubes! Like how do you go months without shaving? Like do you own bacteria ‘farm’? And the annoying part is that, some of these men will request a shaved vagina but carry vegetable farms down there. To say it disgusts me is an understatement. I can’t deal with it”, said one Bimbo from Lagos.

“Not being able to say sorry when he’s wrong because of his stupid ego. Its even worse when it’s glaring that he’s wrong, but he won’t apologize because he feels it makes him weak – very disgusting”, said one Mimi from Abuja.

“Farting in my presence is particularly annoying and disgusting to me no matter the gender. Maybe because we were raised not to fart where people are.

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“This is very controversial, as some will argue that it’s only cute for couples to ‘enjoy’ each others farts, while others may find it both gross and disrespectful, as there’s no justification to such act. It gets worse if it’s done in public.

Just check with you partner and if they don’t have issues with it then good for you both,” Said Bundo from Abuja.

“When you make every effort to keep the home neat and tidy and he ends up joining the kids in making a huge clutter. I used to ignore at first, but now it’s starting to disgust me, as I am tired of talking to him about it – he just wouldn’t change”, said one Stephanie from Lagos.

“I hate men who cheat. They’re like dogs to me. Sometimes I see them as pigs. Why would you make a commitment to be with someone, but you end up being a ‘community pe-is’? Some go as far as having multiple side partners. It’s so wrong.” This is the position of Monica from Portharcourt.

For Ifeoma who lives in Abuja, “what disgusts me is feeling of some authority over a woman’s life e.g..one guy that that said he wanted to marry me years back… Very rich I must say.. But I borrowed ajunwa (ran for my life), when the dude started going on about how he was going to buy me a platinum gold ring and make me so happy, that I would be managing one of his boutiques in Awka and be in charge of the apprentices around that area.. This man didn’t, for one minute, think it was necessary to ask me what I wanted or if I even I wanted to run his boutique.. He was just there dictating what he wants for me.

Oby in Lagos put hers this way: “Mine is particularly men that deceive girls with marriage just to sleep with them. Some even go as far as meeting your people and paying your bride price. After getting what they want, they leave you. I find that extremely disgusting!

.That said, if you fall within any of these categories up there, or perhaps, you’ve heard your partner complain to you about anything not written here. Please make conscious effort to stay away from those behaviors. I trust it’ll go a long way in your relationship.

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