DJ Generah – “Pray For These” ft. 6ixtysix & Flywizz

Fast-rising multi talented Nigerian Disc Jockey, rapper and songwriter, DJ Generah has just released stunning single, “Pray For These” featuring Next-Rated Nigerian rapper, 6ixtysix and budding trap-ster Flywizz.

The Trap sub-genre inspired hip-hop single gives a reassurance of hope to all aspiring youngsters, is arguably one of the best hip-hop project released in 2022. . According to Anaba Progress popularly known as DJ Generah the track serves as a booster to everyone to keep ‘grinding’ hard and never to give up on their craft as their desires, dreams and prayers will hopefully come to light.

The star budding Disc Jockey who is popular for curating some of the best hip-hop playlists on popular DSPs such as Spotify and Apple Music gives credit to himself as the producer of this track; “Pray For These”. This song is one that everyone all over the country and all hip-hop lovers will definitely be jamming to soon.

The song is available across all digital music streaming platforms, you can have a listen and enjoy this wonderful track HERE





(6ixtysix’s verse)
Got ten whips in five garages yeah I prayed for these

My chair back of the back yeah I pray for these

Throwing money out the spot yeah I pray for this

Got Gs inside my pocket bitch I’m praying for this

I’m the one who got the problem, Want the roley please

If my nigga spin his watch he call it roll in peace

How many of dem models do you think I need

I’ve been choosing more than one but all she want is me

I pray amma cop a Benz I prayed for these

Then I got it, drifting with my gang we let the choppa squeeze

Two bugatti yellow and the red call me referee

Yeah I got it hop up out the trenches yeah I pray for these

Shooting hoops like Steve curry I do it with ease

Give me medication but that pussy is the remedy

She be acting corny then I found out she in love with me

New York City please go easy on me like alicia key

Yeah yeah yeah

Storm and turbulence Yeah yeah

I took her to the dance yeah

Found out that she’s fucking all my friends what a bitch hell yeah

(Flywizz’s verse)
Rip nipsey hustle we didn’t pray for these, stacking the money to sky yes we pray for these,
i put my phone on dnd do not disturb me pls,
fuck her from the back slow she be screaming please (screw)
pulled up with some bad bitches that’s some foreign shit,
niggas tryna cat fish me for some crypto shit,
I got no niggas living down in Philippines, remember when young niggas we was Serving fiends
I woke up everyday and go down on my knees
remember i used to cry and pray for my needs,
heyyyy grinding nigga young nigga prayed for these
heyyy grinding nigga young nigga prayed for these x2,
young nigga prayed for these now I’m driving Mercedes’
the big bag in my Benz so wicked put my heart up in my sleeve

(DJ Generah’s verse)
Yea it’s dj Generah you know
How can’t we make it out very soon?
You thought we won’t make it?
Yea but we did
We be driving our Mercedes all round you know
Vibing to this shit you know
I gat flywizz I gat 6ixtysixbaby in the studio yea
We gon kill it you know

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