Yeah if not Yahoo, then Google. LOL! Funny enough that’s what a young girl that sat close to me said when she saw the topic of this article. It’s obvious she’s oblivious to the fact that ‘yahoo’ has now become a term associated with internet fraud in our country.

Recently due to the recent arrest by SARS officials at a club on the island, there has been much debate about the situation which created mixed reactions and banters everywhere.

Yahoo, widely known as ‘G’, has become a shortcut to financial success for many youths but at the same time it has become a source of pain to others.

Now you! Yahoo boy or not, imagine you had a sister who went outing with some friends and never returned for days. Every effort you made to get through to her proves futile and the next thing you hear is the sad news of your sister’s death. Her body mutilated and dumped far away from where u can ever imagine. REALITY dawns on you. Your sister has become a victim of Yahoo ‘plus’ (yahoo with diabolical touch).This is what exactly happened to a friend of mine in school and it points the depth of how this cybercrime has gone to destroy the destiny of others to aid their so called ‘hustle’.

For church dem tell me say at the mention of the name of Jesus demons dey flee; But now why e be say at the mention of the name NIGERIA, white people dey flee. Not funny. Maybe our situation is now spiritual.So many honest Nigerians have lost legitimate online deals due to this cybercrime. We have been tagged with names like FRAUDSTERS and SCAMMERS. People overseas are now scared to do business with Nigerians.

The argument of an average yahoo boy is “shey our Government provide any job?” “How I go fit fend without this thing?”. Well, why can’t the argument be;“How are others making it legally?”,“How are others buying cars legally?”, “How are others clothing and feeding regularly?” Is it at the expense or suffering of another man or woman overseas or is it by the honest work of their own hands.

In conclusion, without laying blame on any party, this article was just created as a simple reality check. Before we are quick to blame our Government or these individuals, since we know there are millions of people out there who live comfortable by undertaking honest endeavors; we have just one question now. What business can we youths do or engage in that we can make good money to spend with a free conscience. Yeah! If not Yahoo, then what?


Gabriel Agemo (Sean Brielo)




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