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[Editorial] TOT (Truth On Thursday) – THE AFTERMATHS OF MARIJUANA (Sequel to Plethora)

Welcome To This Week On Your Favorite Truth On Thursday Editorial With Sean Brielo



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Here is the Aftermaths Below

Slowly my legs started to wobble, I was beginning to get consumed by the effects of what I had in my system. By this time, the momentum of the marijuana I had ingested was creepily overwhelming my whole system. The funny thing is at this point it still hadn’t reached its maximum momentum. So I quickly managed to add water to the food I was cooking in the kitchen so I could get outta there to find a solution to my strange ordeal.

Next, I began to crave earnestly for water; because scientifically at this point, I was feeling all the symptoms of dehydration. I drank lots of water which gave me an immediate soothing feeling but still vanished after a while; and so my problems continued. To be honest I was a very long way from normal.

I ran to the bathroom and took a look at my reflection in the mirror, my eyes were as red as crimson. I turned on the shower, I remained in an almost static position for one hour with water pouring over my head. I was trying to find my balance. When I got out something started happening to me that I thought was a joke to me.

This is what I will call the “imbecilistic” movement. What I mean is I started moving like an imbecile… it was like my body was breaking the only difference was that I was not spitting. The quantity of SK those guys gave me was too extreme. This was a wrong test or experiment. The only thing was that I was conscious of what was happening to me and using all the strength I had in me to fight back all the symptoms.

Now there was one problem, I noticed that there were no onions nor salt at home anymore to add to the beans. I could just go out to my streets to buy. But I knew it was totally impossible I was too scared of walking down my streets like an imbecile and talking to myself and maybe falling on the road or misbehaving at the shop I wanted to buy it.

The headlines and news that will befall me started playing in my head: “That fine boy wey dey live for that side don mad o”, “ha… you hear say awon aye don get that boy”, “make them find am rope before he run away”. I am not kidding. I knew I was partially mad at that period. So I decided that I will wait for my younger brother to come then I’ll add the ingredients later.

Lemme quickly lay down the other symptoms I exhibited alone in that period, I noticed I was just so extremely happy, smiling for no reason, laughing hysterically on my own for any reason, other times I would just pause and stare and wonder and get lost looking like a complete statue. I go just dey reason… lol.

Then also I was so felt this hunger and wild appetite to eat anything; my stomach kept churning at every point. Then my thoughts changed. I felt like in was on top of the world and like I had the best orientation to achieve just anything. I also felt strong; and fearless like I could deal with anything. My vocal chords became stronger and clearer… in fact my Yoruba speaking became more razz and fluent.

This I know because I called those two bastards that fed me this stuff and threatened them like an Agbero that I was coming to deal with them for setting me up. Yeah and with the new razzness and strength in my voice, they were fucking scared!!!!

As luck would have it, my brother came and I handed everything regarding the dinner making to him, coz I was in no position to continue that I was retiring to my room as early as 7:00 pm and gave him this instruction that if my Dad comes back he should just tell him I have slept because I could not stand him scrutinizing my eyes and my walking steps. But in didn’t go inside to sleep I went and picked up a pen and started writing just anything… it was as if I was receiving a spiritual revelation.

I wrote two songs and an article about the forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden. I was so fast in writing that I didn’t even know when I started relating the forbidden fruit with marijuana that all youths should beware off.

I later woke up before mid-night and ate anything I found in the kitchen. I had this insatiable hunger within me I ate beans, bread, garri, rice I kept eating… before I fell asleep I prayed to God to forgive me and deliver me from this ordeal. I really wanted to be normal.
The next morning, the symptoms wore off a little bit. But it wasn’t until the 3rd day that I regained my full sanity.

In summary, please this might be funny to any of you who can relate. But please as much as possible say No to Drugs. Meditate, don’t Self-Medicate for whatever reasons.


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