[E!News] : Big Brother Naija: Where is the Problem

My office has been immersed with petitions from a great deal of jobless Nigerians grumbling of the shooting of the most recent adaptation of Big Brother Naija in South Africa. To me, this subsidence has made a great deal of Nigerians delicate or why might they be aggravating themselves with this kind superfluous wahala? I am setting up an official position on the matter yet anticipating my get-together with the Minister of Information to streamline our positions before I fire it out. You see my kin before I meet with my egbon Lai Mohammed, let me state here completely that as a private endeavor, they claim all authority to shoot their program anyplace they need to without disclosing to us the area.

This is a simply business choice. I am starting to lose my understanding with all these entertaining diversions. So every one of these artists who go to South Africa to shoot their recordings should all be captured since they have not been educating us of the area of the shoot. See, let us quit humiliating ourselves, I would not shoot Big Brother Shomolu in Shomolu. Where will I get the cash to purchase diesel 24 hours, where will I get the cash to employ the sort of security that would push back would-be criminals. My kin, if the shooting in South Africa is that agonizing to us, we essentially don’t watch and with no viewership the powers of interest and supply will kick in and the promoters will sit up. We ought to quit regarding this association as a legislature parastatal. Abeg the costs of rice and garri have not dropped in the market o, no be Big Brother Naija dey stress me toward the beginning of today abeg.

Rochas Okorocha – A Laughable White Elephant

I saw photos of a Dana Plane bearing the logo of Imo Airlines and little tears streamed down my nice looking face. I sobbed for the tragic individuals of Imo as well as for Nigeria in general. It’s truly disheartening that an express that has not paid pay rates in the most recent seven months would now leave on such a huge exercise in futility. Owning an aircraft is the most productive misuse of rare state assets and this is truly pitiable as the ladies and offspring of Imo keep on groaning under the burden of mass destitution and enduring. The flight business is experiencing huge difficulties, with a wide range of issues being confronted day by day by its administrators and now a state government goes into it, promising a 10% markdown on tickets for Imo State indigenes as of now burrowing the pit of insolvency and tossing into the unlimited pit of as of now non-existent state assets. This is a gigantic PR stunt for the senator with no immediate effect on the general population of Imo State. I imagine that these are not the ideal opportunity for this sort of government enchantment as Fela would call it. On the off chance that the legislature from its reviews has seen openings in the flying business, then it ought to give an empowering situation to speculators to come in, give them impose refund for utilizing Imo indigenes among different motivating forces so that private representatives can come in and develop the business proficiently. My ruler, no be the way be this.

Gubernatorial Pensions: A Massive Leakage

They have cleaved N37b up until this point. You will ask who; every resigned representative and appointee governors. Yes o, these are the exceptional Nigerians who have encouraged truly fat on the incline coffers of states while whatever remains of us moan in mass enduring. See, let me demonstrate you graphically the ramifications of this slashing. I read some place that last year all states in the organization created pretty much N300b as inside produced income with Lagos State creating more than half of this sum. Presently envision a select gathering of individuals who are not up to 200 taking up around 10% of all inside created finances across the country just on the grounds that they had “served” us as governors and appointees. The pitiful piece of everything is that these installments are legitimate and with the exception of the laws are changed there is no hope. See this sort of wahala and you see why races are typically similar to war. This cash is a lot of o and we can no longer manage the cost of it. The laws must be changed at this point. The main way we can proceed with this is if the installments are saddled intensely by more than 80%, anything shy of that is unsuitable. The Duke of Shomolu which is not a pensionable position by the way has talked.

Muhammadu Buhari : You will Live Long

I saw the news report like millions via web-based networking media. The death of our most loved granddad was happily reported and this practically rattled me. At first, I thought it was Jammeh of The Gambia attempting to be clever as a result of the principled stand our leader took in guaranteeing that vote based system was maintained in that modest nation. Be that as it may, something in me declined to trust the story yet no doubt, I made calls to every one of the prophets who had made their yearly forecasts and they all affirmed that they had not seen this event by any means. I even called the Redeemed General Overseer to inquire as to whether amid the brief time frame he was being worried with the retirement issue, on the off chance that he had erroneously sent a petition upstairs that may have prompted to this and he answered in the negative. I was still stressed and was just mollified when I rang the UK and got the President’s steward who affirmed that Oga had quite recently completed his breakfast of pap. He additionally affirmed that Oga was sound and healthy and would go to see a motion picture when he woke up. I was currently alleviated and expressed gratitude toward God that this story resembled most stories via web-based networking media nowadays, false. It is truly not the best to wish or even proceed to declare a living being dead. Individuals like Nnamdi Azikiwe read their tribute and this is truly extremely irritating. Why the hurry to put out unsubstantiated stories, why rebroadcast lie before affirmation from sound sources? Truly not reasonable. Anyway, our leader is fit as a fiddle. He would soon have returned to administer the circulation of the N5,000 they are giving impoverished individuals. I am sitting tight for mine energetically.

Richard Mofe Damijo: But Why?

This is one performing artist I hold in high respect. That he is gifted can’t be marked down and that he has additionally stood his ground out there for so long is a further affirmation of his smoothness and mass interest. It is in such manner, that when I imagined the play, ISALE EKO, we the makers had him as a primary concern to play the Oba of Benin in what is starting to resemble an age rethinking creation. I had met him once in his office at Asaba while he was a chief, his great mate, Chike Ogeah is my Oga. I had likewise kept in touch with him a capable letter disclosing to him that his turn as Oba Ovarawen in a creation at the Law School solidified in my mind the capable ability he was strolling around with. He answered my letter expressing his advantage and that I ought to work with his group. So we felt free to created a lovely script, a script that has intrigued other capable greats like Madam Kofo, Yemi Shodimu and Patrick Doyle.

A script that for the not very many who have seen it won’t just rethink the theater additionally consummately offer the account of Lagos to the world. Oh dear! RMDs individuals sent a mail that he would be excessively caught up with, making it impossible to beauty our stage – the main chance to walk the Broadway organize and potentially get designated for the Tony Award. The stun to my framework stays substantial in light of the fact that I truly cherish this person. You can see I am ceasing from yabing him make he no go ruin my case. Despite the fact that I have gotten such a variety of solicitations from other unbelievable on-screen characters to supplant him, regardless I feel that no one but RMD can do equity to my script. So I am utilizing this medium to implore him to quit putting on a show to be occupied and come let us do this thing abeg. What is this shakara after all no be just Glo advert go put nourishment for table? I thusly give Mr. Richard Mofe Damijo of no known address, tall, dim and with a graybeard 24 hours after the distribution of this notice to contact me, or else he will be announced needed and striven for monetary wrongdoings against the general population of Shomolu. Gone ahead gimme a call abeg.

Uwem Whyte: My Big Bother

I simply need to yell out to this my huge sibling who as of late praised his 50th birthday. His dazzling spouse, Clara tossed a major bash for him on that day. As regular it was a superb event as it managed me the chance to drink Moët Chandon to my heart’s substance. As I strolled in, the drink just began calling me and I didn’t disillusion it as I toasted the handle. Clara even gave me another four jugs to reclaim to Shomolu where I run a philanthropy association on wine sampling. At the gathering, I met my missing sibling Richard EDET who has developed to the advantageous part of Managing Director of Nokia. It was a joyful night and I wish Uwem a cheerful birthday even as I anticipate his 51st birthday. Na dat day I go drink that Moët once more.

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