A Female young Mind Who scored 85 in Jamb Wrote An Open Letter.

Sad you mind Who had 85 as her jamb score


A Young lady who pitiful for the as of late finished Frame Examination simply checked her outcome and she scored 85 ?

In the wake of seeing her outcome, she chose to pen down an Open letter for Pillar Help Office since she trusts her script was not accurately checked. She was friend of how well she did and guarantees she should score more than 85.

Perused what she composed underneath:-

Dear Frame, My name is Zinasha Zibruel. I am originating from Nigeria. I writed Frame, and I alarm 85. That is a huge lie.

I say is a major genuine lie since I doing lesson for 1 months and I numbered my book exceptionally well from container to container. I assuming to getting 100 in Inglich and 95 in Litrachure. In any case, you given me 10 in English and 15 in Litrachure.

Did me not doing my CRS extremely well? Did Jonah not remain in the lion opening and Elijah rest in the Whale’s midsection? Accomplish something quick.

Infacts, I assuming to score 300 in the Frame examination I tooked . Much obliged you ??

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