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Manchester City          5   vs          1          Huddersfield Town

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Full-time at the Etihad. Manchester City progress to the FA Cup quarter-final after a comprehensive 5-1 victory over Huddersfield. The visitors actually took the lead, but Pep Guardiola’s men displayed their class to recover and eventually won after two goals from Aguero and strikes from Sane, Zabaleta, and Iheanacho. Thanks for joining us, see you next time!

  • 90’+1′
    Assist Jesús Navas González
    Smart assist from Navas.
  • 90’+1′
    Goal Kelechi Promise Iheanacho
    GOAL FOR CITY! That is the cherry on top of the cake! Iheanacho gets his goal as he ghosts in front of his marker at the front post to turn home from Navas’ cross. Five-one.
  • 89′
    The visitors come forward for a late attack and it is Payne who leads the charge with a venture on the left. He gains a yard on the defender before pulling the trigger, but Stones stands tall to make the solid interception.
  • 87′
    City are just professionally seeing the game out at the moment and Huddersfield appear to have ran out of steam for the most part. The visitors can be proud of their performance tonight, but their ultimate aim this season is to get promotion to the Premier League one way or another.
SAAAAAVE FROM COLEMAN! Iheanacho bulldozes his way through the centre of the opposition defence before Sterling eventually takes over to smash a strike at goal, only to see it saved. However, the Englishman’s blushes are spared as the flag goes up for the offside.
Navas collects possession on the right-hand side and flashes a wicked, bouncing cross into the penalty area which just evades Iheanacho. The two substitutes nearly combine for a lovely goal, but Huddersfield survive conceding the fifth.
SubstitutionLeroy SanéJesús Navas González
Substitution Leroy Sané Jesús Navas González
  • 79′
    SubstitutionSergio Leonel Agüero del CastilloKelechi Promise Iheanacho
    Substitution Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo Kelechi Promise Iheanacho
  • 77′
    Sterling and Holmes-Dennis get into an entertaining footrace down the right wing and it is the former who comes out on top on this occasion as he JUST manages to get to the ball before the byline to dig out a high cross, but Coleman proactively comes off his line to claim out of the air.
SubstitutionKevin De BruyneFabian Delph
First alteration of the match from Manchester City as De Bruyne is given a 15-minute rest, with Delph being awarded a rare run-out for the remainder of the play.
  • 75′
    SubstitutionKevin De BruyneFabian Delph
    Substitution Kevin De Bruyne Fabian Delph
  • 73′
    Goal Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo
    Goal Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo
  • 73′
    Assist Raheem Shaquille Sterling
    Assist Raheem Shaquille Sterling
  • 71′
    Holmes-Dennis makes his way down the left wing and skips into space past Zabalets before sending a teasing, low cross ominously into the penalty area. Smith bursts a gut to try and get the end of it to get the shot away, but Clichy covers for his fellow full-back well and gets in to clear into the stand.
  • 69′
    There is just a little bit of a lull in the game at the moment with not much happening on the ball. A miscommunication between Coleman and Cranie over a throw-in at the back for Huddersfield wastes a few more seconds the visitors can’t afford.
  • 67′
    SubstitutionPhilip BillingJonathan Hogg
    Third and final change from the Championship side as the impressive Philip Billing makes his way to the side of the pitch to be replaced by Jonathan Hogg.
  • 65′
    Just under a quarter of the match to go now and the plethora of goals we perhaps were expecting in this second period has not came. City have took their foot off of the gas without a doubt, but they need to guard against complacency as one goal from Huddersfield will mean some nervy fans in the Etihad.
Fair play to Huddersfield as even with the legs no doubt aching, they are still attempting to press the possession of City. However, with this comes further space being developed in behind the defence which Sane and Sterling look poised to take advantage of.
  • 61′
    SubstitutionJoe LolleyTom Smith
    Substitution Joe Lolley Tom Smith
  • 59′
    PENALTY SHOUT FOR HUDDERSFIELD! Quaner is becoming much more prominent up top now with his pace and power causing issues for the City defence. This time, he cleverly cuts inside on to his left foot inside the box, only to go down under the attempted clearance of Stones! There was SLIGHT contact there, so that is a spotkick!
Fernandinho, who has actually been featuring more in the full-back positions recently, is back in central midfield tonight and looks much more comfortable for it. On this occasion, the Brazilian powers through the middle with authority before sliding a pass into the channel for Sterling, but there is just too much on it as Huddersfield win the goal-kick.
OH WHAT A MISS FROM LOLLEY! Following a short corner from the visitors, Billing picks up the ball on the edge of the box before sending a teasing cross to the front post, but his team-mate is unable to convert from seven yards out! City let off the hook…
  • 54′
    SubstitutionHarry BunnRajiv van La Parra
    Substitution Harry Bunn Rajiv van La Parra
  • 54′
    Quaner, who has struggled to get into the match as much as some of his team-mates, turns sharply in the central area and shakes off the attentions of De Bruyne before moving forward to have a crack at goal. The Huddersfield striker is forced to settle for a corner after a deflection.
  • 52′
    De Bruyne initially does really well to steal possession in the middle of the park before calming things down with some passing along the backline. However, the Belgian is very, very lucky not to gift Huddersfield a path through on goal as his attempted pass to Clichy is INCHES away from being intercepted by Billing. Guardiola breathes a sigh of relief.
  • 50′
    Huddersfield obviously have a mountain to climb here, but we have seen this season that City are capable of conceding plenty of goals with slack play at the back. That near opportunity for Payne just before the half-time break should give the Championship side a bit of a spring, too.
  • 48′
    The difference in the attitude from the Huddersfield staff from that opening goal is very telling as to how confident they are feeling at the moment. Wagner, seated in the stands tonight, jumped right out of his seat into the air when Bunn scored, but is now slumped down looking defeated.

Half-time at the Etihad. Well this game is certainly much better than the previous fixture between the two as we go into the break with City 3-1 up over Huddersfield. The visitors started proceedings very well and actually took the lead, but Guardiola’s charges rallied and eventually started banging the goals in. Second period to come.

  • 45’+1′
    Two minutes of added time have been allocated by the referee.
  • 44′
    SAAAAAAVE FROM BRAVO! Huddersfield are almost given a lifeline just before half-time as Billing slides a gorgeous pass in behind the City defence for Payne, only for the resulting strike to be saved by the legs of the Chilean goalkeeper! That was a cracking move!
Just a few minutes away from the break now, and the way play is going Huddersfield will be lucky to get into the break with just the two-goal deficit. A bit of a shame as they were so brave in the early portion of the game, but they really need to sort themselves out at the back.
  • 40′
    There has actually been a remarkable amount of handball appeals in this match so far, and they have all came against the Huddersfield defence. Some were legitimate and some weren’t, but the visitors should probably be reminded they are playing football and not basketball!
  • 38′
    Assist Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo
    Aguero didn’t get the goal he wanted, but he gets the next best thing with the assist for his compatriot.
  • 38′
    Goal Pablo Javier Zabaleta Girod
    GOOOOAAAALLLL FOR CITY! WHAT A TURNAROUND! Some lovely interplay on the edge of the box from the hosts eventually sees Aguero smash a strike at goal which is saved by Coleman. However, the Argentine collects before picking out Zabaleta just inside, and it is a comfortable close-range finish in the end from the City captan for the night! Three-one.
  • 37′
    Huddersfield were always going to struggle to keep up that incredible tempo from the early stages, but Wagner will be worried that it has actually came as early as the first half. City have the lead now, and with it, bags more confidence going forward.
  • 35′
    Penalty Goal Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo
    GOOOOAAAAAALLLL FOR MANCHESTER CITY! Aguero makes no mistake from the penalty and dispatches a finish coolly into the bottom left corner. Two-one!
  • 34′
    Yellow Card Jon Gorenc Stankovič
    PENALTY TO CITY! Stankovic gets the wrong side of Otamendi inside the box and is forced to pull the Argentine down after Zabaleta sends a teasing cross to the back post. He gets a booking in the process, but the ultimate punishment is handing City the opportunity for the second!
  • 32′
    City won the ball back from Huddersfield fairly quickly after the kick-off and have kept up a sustained threat for a minute or so. Sterling very nearly gets in behind the opposition defence to pull the trigger on the goalkeeper, but just can’t take in a slick pass from De Bruyne to feet. Unlucky from the hosts.
  • 30′
    Assist Raheem Shaquille Sterling
    Superb assist from Sterling as he finally gets beyond Holmes-Dennis.
  • 30′
    Goal Leroy Sané
    GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLL FOR CITY! We are all-square! Sterling picks up a gorgeous crossfield pass down the right wing and then takes on Holmes-Dennis successfully before smashing a cross low to the back post. Sane is on hand to pop a finish into the empty net. One-one. GAME ON!
  • 28′
    City gain two consecutive corners but Sane is oddly chosen to take the set-pieces ahead of De Bruyne, who is known for his excellent deliveries. It is no surprise that his team-mate disappoints with a couple of shallow crosses that are easily cleared.
  • 26′
    Sane hugs the left touchline and then picks up possession before moving forward through the middle with pace. The former Schalke winger twists and turns his way into the final third, but with Huddersfield on the ropes, he poorly gives the ball away to one of only two defenders ahead.
  • 24′
    City had a decent period of sustained possession for 10 minutes or so there, but Huddersfield are just feeling their way back into things. If the visitors can put together moves similar to the one that lead to the opener, then the opposition defence is going to have to solidify pretty quickly.
  • 22′
    Interestingly enough, the last time City managed to score against Huddersfield at home actually came in the latter’s record league defeat back in the 1980s. On that occasion, the Citizens ran out comprehensive 10-1 winners, but they will need at least one tonight to keep their FA Cup dream alive.
  • 20′
    Two penalty shouts in quick succession for City here – both handball appeals! The first is fairly speculative but the second certainly has cause for appeal as the ball clearly bounces off the arm of Stankovic inside the box. The referee waves play on…
  • 18′
    For the first time in the match, Huddersfield are just becoming a bit ragged at the back which is opening up space for City. The home side get another free-kick in a useful position, but Holmes-Dennis is perfectly-placed at left-back to intercept a dangerous pass from De Bruyne to Sterling.
  • 16′
    From the Hudson foul, De Bruyne steps up to hit the resulting free-kick but it is fairly disappointing from the Belgian who sends a strike straight down the throat of the grateful Coleman between the sticks for Huddersfield.
  • 15′
    Yellow Card Mark Hudson
    First booking of the match now and it is a deserved, if early, one for Hudson as he cynically pulls back Aguero so the Argentine can’t make his way into the penalty area.
  • 13′
    A promising City attack comes to a swift halt as De Bruyne’s attempted pass to Aguero actually comes off the backside of the referee, who was trying to get out of the way of play. Safe to say that the Etihad faithful don’t have much sympathy for the official.
  • 11′
    City are seeing plenty of possession in these early stages, but it is actually quite passive which is inviting plenty of pressure from the hungry Huddersfield forwards. This isn’t ideal for Garcia in the middle for the Citizens, who won’t exactly be used to the tempo he is up against tonight.
  • 9′
    Well, it looks like we have a cup tie on our hands tonight, folks! Guardiola has actually named a pretty strong XI out there, but will be stunned as to the start from Huddersfield who are absolutely brimming with confidence, even though most of them don’t regularly start in the Championship!
  • 7′
    Assist Philip Billing
    What a lovely assist from Billing! Superb awareness.
  • 7′
    Goal Harry Bunn
    GOOOOOAAAAALLLL! GOOOAAAALLL FOR HUDDERSFIELD! A shock opener from the visitors! Lolley picks up the ball on the right touchline and then goes on a marauding run into a more central area before flashing a pass to the feet of Billing. Bunn eventually gets possession after a cute touch from his team-mate, and the subsequent finish is lashed under the oncoming Bravo! One-nil.
  • 5′
    CITY HIT THE WOODWORK! A sweeping move through the middle sees De Bruyne get possession down the left channel before releasing Sane. The German then flashes a cross-cum-shot along the box which is diverted firmly off the inside of the post by the foot of Aguero! How did that one not go in?
  • 3′
    Really excellent start from Huddersfield here who are bravely pressing City as high up the pitch as possible as early as possible. Certainly an admirable tactic from Wagner and his men, but the hosts have plenty of pace to burn in behind so they need to be careful.
  • 1′
    We are under way at the Etihad!
  • The teams are making their way to the pitch and we are almost ready for kick-off!
  • Huddersfield subs: Ward, Smith, Hogg, Kachungga, Van La Parra, Wells, Hefele.
  • Huddersfield (4-2-3-1): Coleman; Cranie, Hudson, Stankovic, Holmes-Dennis; Whitehead, Billing; Lolley, Payne, Bunn; Quaner.
  • Man City subs: Caballero, Sagna, Fernando, Navas, Delph, Silva, Iheanacho.
  • Man City (4-2-3-1): Bravo; Zabaleta, Stones, Otamendi, Clichy; Fernandinho, Garcia; De Bruyne, Sterling, Sane; Aguero.
  • Before the current round of this season’s FA Cup, the last clash between Man City and Huddersfield took place 17 years ago in the Championship. Quite a lot has changed since then, particularly with the Citizens!
  • Should the game this evening still be a draw afterr 90 minutes, we are of course going to see extra-time and penalties. Therefore, something is going to have to give as Man City are unbeaten in their last seven games and Huddersfield have not tasted defeat in nine matches. Who will keep their good form going and who will be knocked out of the competition, banishing dreams of making it to Wembley?
  • There was a plethora of changes made by both Guardiola and David Wagner in the previous game, with the former Barcelona boss in particular making eight alterations due to the Monaco match in the Champions League which was a few days later, so it should be interesting to see the strength of the starting XIs here tonight.
  • When the draw for this round of the Cup was made, Pep Guardiola and his charges would have fancied their chances against the team from the Championship in order to progress, but all did not go to plan at the John Smith’s Stadium a couple of weeks ago as Huddersfield held firm for the 0-0 draw, earning a replay in the process. This second match isn’t exactly ideal for either side, though, as City are still in the hunt for Champions League progression and the visitors tonight are still hoping to get promoted to the Premier League.
  • Good evening football fans! Welcome to LIVE coverage of the FA Cup Fifth Round replay between Manchester City and Huddersfield Town from the Etihad.

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