Governments Across Africa Have Been Implored To Reconceive The Future by Aham Rochas

Businessman and humanitarian, Aham Rochas has urged the Nigerian government to rethink the future and stop playing the catch-up game with developed nations.

He made this known during a media briefing at the Aham Rochas Group headquarters in Abuja recently.

According to him, the Nigerian government needs to be proactive and innovative in the quest to move Nigeria from an underdeveloped nation to a developed one.

Aham who holds a masters degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Cambridge, stressed that embracing the latest advancements in technology early on, and in relation to the realities of the economic climate will be a credible driving force and a means to curtail the high level of underdevelopment in the country and Africa at large. He also expressed caution in respect to the increased in disparity and inequalities in the region which such policies can have a major effect on the populace if they aren’t carried along.

“I believe that the Nigerian government has to stop running a race already won by the west and look within to enable it chart a path for Africa in building the future. Africa needs to embrace the future and has the capacity to set the pace for the rest of the world.

“Governments across Africa should think differently, rethink policies, structures and embrace technology differently while thinking about what can work for us as Africans and resist the urge to absolutely copy systems of developed nations.”

Mr. Aham also spoke on the need to invest in the nation’s youths, and build a strong human capital across the African continent.

“One key element of the work done at the Aham Rochas Group is supporting innovators who are innovating for the future of Africa”.

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