Comparing Oxiracetam and Piracetam – In the subject of Oxiracetam versus Piracetam, both are extremely valuable and intense Smart Drugs, and each are exceptionally well known in the domain of nootropics. Oxiracetam is a simple of the first Smart Drug “Piracetam,” is as much as 15 times more grounded than the first medication, and keeping in mind that Piracetam is know as ‘the first Smart Drug,” Oxiracetam is frequently called “the fast racetam.” Both medications have very much investigated security profiles, have been around for almost 60 years, and have about a large portion of an era of successful, clinical trial research to back their viability.

Oxiracetam and Piracetam both need choline stacked with them keeping in mind the end goal to work appropriately, and in addition have the longest time of impacts at the most minimal dose, and have the least measure of symptoms conceivable. This article will take a gander at the tremendously warmed nootropic level headed discussion of Oxiracetam versus Piracetam, and will investigate the advantages and disadvantages of each medication. Oxiracetam and Piracetam are all the time stacked with other effective stimulants like Adrafinil. There are additionally heaps of audits about this correlation between racetams on well known nootropic sub gatherings, for example, Reddit and longecity-this blog entry on Nootropics University will take a gander at the full extent of these surveys.


Oxiracetam versus Piracetam, as to general power, is a simple question, as Oxiracetam takes the cake by about a component of fifteen. The medication additionally has more dopamine improving and “expedient,” vitality boosting impacts, which makes it a more strong general Smart Drug for things like efficiency, temperament, vitality, center and learning. While this is by and large the case, there are a few impacts that the essential grandaddy of nootropics, Piracetam has, that Oxiracetam needs. Among these are

  • Better Visual Perception

  • Lasts marginally more

  • Better aggregate impacts (benefits get more grounded the more you take it)

  • Is more syergystic with choline

  • Less Side Effects

  • More of the medication can be gone out on a limb of overdose

  • You can go out on a limb with Stacking stimulants with Piracetam contrasted with something like Oxiracetam

While these impacts may appear to be gentle contrasted with the ways that Oxiracetam is more grounded than Piracetam, they are sufficiently huge to hinder a few clients towards the utilization of one medication versus the other, it all equitable relies on upon the individual and their own inclinations and basic leadership forms. In case you’re uncertain of which Smart Drug to take, I ask you to subscribe for our mailing list, as we give you week after week reports on all things nootropics that can better your judgment concerning your decision of Smart Drugs.


Generally speaking, Oxiracetam is essentially the preferable and more grounded medication over Piracetam. As to Oxiracetam, it is utilized normally with the end goal of off-mark intellectual improvement by generally solid people. Undergrads, start-up tech folks, and those in high weight deals occupations and in addition Wall-Street brokers, are among a portion of the significant populace of clients of nootropics, and particularly nootropic stimulant sort medications, for example, Oxiracetam. Oxiracetam, in view of its powerful component of activity, has even as often as possible been delegated an Ampakine nootropic medicate (it is additionally molecularly comparable, considering that Ampakines were initially gotten from Racetam drugs.)

It additionally has some comparative instruments of activity to Ampakines like enhanced memory, vitality levels, temperament and core interest. Oxiracetam versus PiracetamWhile Oxiracetam is viewed as one of the more mellow Ampakine drugs, it is still in an indistinguishable class from Aniracetam, CX-717, Sunifiram, Unifiram and Noopept (despite the fact that Noopept is actually all the more a peptide based nootropic, it is all the time times gathered in the Ampakine nootropic classification because of its tremendous likenesses to Sunifiram and Unifiram.) So there you have it, for the most part, Oxiracetam will be a superior and more intense Smart Drug when contrasted with simply straightforward Piracetam, in light of temperament, memory, center, vitality levels, and general subjective upgrades. Continue perusing on for more points of interest on why despite everything I prescribe Piracetam for a few people, and why I really incline toward Piracetam myself, despite the fact that the general consencus on Reddit and longecity is on Oxiracetam being an all the more capable medication.


The impacts of Oxiracetam and Piracetam are in reality fundamentally the same as, with a couple of perceptible contrasts that make Oxiracetam to some degree a more grounded nootropic. Not at all like Piracetam, which generally speaking is more unobtrusive in nature, Oxiracetam has a quick kind of impact to it that has really been explored very extensively..though with no indisputable confirmation concerning why this happens. It is trusted that the racetam impacts sorts of stimulant neurotransmitters to a more noteworthy degree than does Piracetam, Aniracetam or Pramiracetam, adding to its vitality, state of mind boosting, and profitability change impacts.

As a rule be that as it may, all racetam supplements will be fundamentally the same as, and Oxiracetam’s principle instrument of activity does not vary from that of Piracetam and others by a huge edge. Like the others, Oxiracetam impacts acetylcholine and the cholinergic frameworks of the cerebrum, requires choline keeping in mind the end goal to work appropriately on a long haul, normal premise, and has additionally been appeared to touch lesser known receptors, similar to Glutamate and Norepinephrine. Oxiracetam is an extraordinary and sensible nootropic that has demonstrated promising consequences for its clients general, with incredible stimulting, center and memory impacts to anticipate should you choose to utilize the medication.

OXIRACETAM VS PIRACETAM DOSAGEOxiracetam versus Piracetam versus Noopept

With respect to Oxiracetam versus Piracetam measurements, the doses are IDENTICAL. Typically when you take Aniracetam, Phenylpiracetam or Pramiracetam, the measurements are to some degree higher or bring down contingent upon your

nootropic of decision. Piracetam and Oxiracetam however fortunately have precisely the same.

The base compelling measurements of each medication is 800 milligrams, with a roof for every day of what is generally 2400 milligrams. Sublingual utilize makes both medications more grounded, gave that enough choline is devoured nearby the medication to coordinate with the measurements of the racetam, and megadoses for both medications normally extend from 5 to 10 grams at any given moment.


Long haul utilize is genuinely not prescribed for any nootropic, however with racetams, you can escape with it. Oxiracetam versus Piracetam concerning long haul utilize will have basically indistinguishable advantages, symptoms and total impacts on quality and power of the medications.

Oxiracetam versus Piracetam Side Effects

Reactions are comparable also, with commonplace symptoms being cerebral pain, butterflies, tiredness, sleep deprivation, and slight lunacy if a megadose is taken (not prescribed.) If you are encountering reactions with both of these medications, make certain to bring down the dose and increment your choline allow, this more often than not expands the advantages while lessening the drawbacks of the medication.

Oxiracetam versus Piracetam, which medication is a Better fit for a Nootropic User?

For novice nootropic clients, Piracetam is a superior fit for the most part as I would like to think, however both medications are similar to the point that it truly won’t make any difference. Take 800 to 2400 milligrams as a beginning dose to perceive how the medication influences you, and make sure to take around 500 to 1000 milligrams of CDP Choline with your racetams.

Oxiracetam versus Piracetam on Reddit

Reddit audits say that Oxiracetam is an altogether more strong Smart Drug than Piracetam is, however from individual experience I can bear witness to that they are fundamentally the same as in impacts. While yes Oxiracetam is more grounded, you may just notice the diffrences between these two Smart Drugs if and when you take higher doses, extending from 3 to 5 grams at any given moment.

This is additionally considering that you brought enough choline with you racetam for it to work appropriately. On Reddit, audits are somewhat stellar for Oxiracetam, contrasting it with some of the time remedy stimulants and additionally Modafinil. The fortunate thing about taking milder nootropics like Piracetam and Oxiracetam is that you can stack these medications with other intense Smart Drugs, for example, Aniracetam, Adrafinil, Modafinil, Armodafinil, and a large group of other powerful stacks. Racetams are regularly utilized as stacks with more grounded nootropics, so as to help the empowering impacts feel a considerable measure cleaner and smoother by correlation.

Last Thoughts on What Drug is Better, Oxiracetam or Piracetam

By and large, Oxiracetam is the more grounded nootropic, so I’d suggest this one in case you’re hunting down which medication will help your mind perform better. Make certain to dependably do your own exploration before taking any supplements, remark down underneath on the off chance that you have any nootropic related inquiries, and subcscribe for a free example of nootropics worth over $50.00!

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