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Hon David Ajobiewe visits Oka Akoko weekly, but he was surprised with a traditional prayer at a tree known as OJU KOROWA in Oka Akoko. Although the prayer was without his consent, but he was elated because it was done out of the love and interests his people have for him and that’s one of the ways they want to show their unflinching support for him.

OJU KOROWA TREE was the origin of the town as it has broking mountains surrounding it. The oju korowa serves as the protector of the clan in the olden days. The legend of this sacred place is one enshrouded in a way and manner that depicts the reverence it receives. The great story of about seven centuries ago, when the current KOROWA community was founded, was one of love and commitment.  It was told that the tree assured the people of it’s protection and promised to bless their women with fruitfulness!

It was at this very significant tree that the prayer was held by all the aged elders of the community, fronted by High chief Asaaolu of Oka Land, under the aegis of Kabiyesi, who had earlier in the morning, given him directives and explained to the High chief, regarding how the prayer will be organised.

The prayer was conducted with water and Kola nut…. Kola nut is a very important aspect of the tradition, not just in Oka, but throughout Nigeria.  It was chosen by the elders as the head or king of all seeds.

OJU korowa tree which has its roots from the very  foundation of the town, according to the legends, were two great Yoruba warriors who left Ife with their people due to war.

This same tree, is said to emit healing powers to those that go there for prayer.

Being a Christian, Hon David Ajobiewe, humbly asked if the High Chief can allow someone to pray in a Christian way and Assaolu consented to the request. Consequently, an aged woman among them stood up and prayed in a Christian way for almost 30 minutes to the admiration of  everyone.

Thus, the community, and indeed elders, endorsed their son, Hon David to represent the people of Oka Akoko in the State House of Assembly as a matter of their paramount decision!

At the end of the prayer, the woman leader and all the followers accompanied Hon David to his family house, singing and dancing.

To God be all the glory!








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