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Glo Caller Tunes is the personalised ring lower back provider that enables you exchange the conventional “ring ring” sound heard while your buddies, colleagues and circle of relatives contributors call you with a music of your choice. Glo Caller Tunes provider entertains your callers with pick out tune on every occasion your phone rings, even as creating a completely unique identity for your self. With a vast variety of pinnacle exceptional tunes to choose from, your style can really be expressed.
With the wide exciting possibilities offered via the hundreds of tunes to be had on “glo caller tunes”, indeed every name is a music! With Glo Caller Tunes, every call is a song!
Click on here to access Glo Callertunes.
Overview ON GLO one of a kind CRBTs
Glo extraordinary Caller Ring again tune (unique CRBT) is designed for Glo subscribers to be able to use hit songs from their preferred artistes who are Glo ambassadors as their Caller Ring back Tunes. These songs are handiest to be had on the Globacom network and no longer on some other medium.
– simplest callers of Glo subscribers have get right of entry to to the newly launched hit songs of Glo ambassadors.
– ‘Callers’ who call a Glo subscriber can get to listen those distinctive songs most effective on the Glo community
a way to SUBSCRIBE
Glo subscriber sends *7728# to browse for songs of his preference


Song Title
SMS Code
Naeto C ft Phyno
Check & Balance
Burna Boy
Wake Up
Flavour ft Wande Coal
Sani Danja
No More
P Square
Collabo ft. Don Jazzy
P Square
P Square

Service Features

  • You can download up to 5 different tunes unto your profile.
  • Assign all your friends and colleagues designated numbers to any of your 4 tunes; still maintain your fifth tune as your default tune for all other unassigned numbers
  • The service is compatible with all handset types.
  • Three (3) different access routes (SMS, Voice Call and Web Portal) as against one (1) for competing offering (SMS)
  • Different songs can be programmed as the ring back tunes for different times of the day. (e.g. Day or Night)
  • A subscriber can gift Glo caller tunes to loved ones

Genres of Music
The tune portfolio caters to every taste- as all major genres of music are accounted for. From local to foreign; religious to secular; contemporary to “Old Skool”; ethnic to nationalistic The library contains thousands of songs under a broad-spectrum of genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Country, Dancehall, Rock, Rap, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Raga, Blues, Gospel, Islam, Fuji, Apala, Juju, Afrobeat, Christmas, etc. The collection therefore caters to different tastes and preferences.

Subscription Methods
Subscription is via three (3) access routes: (i) SMS (ii) Voice Call or (iii) Web Portal.

Send a text message “reg” to 7728. Your subscription will become effective within 24 hours and a confirmation SMS will be sent to confirm your subscription. Registering gives you access to be able to download tunes and a default tune will be assigned to your profile.

Voice call
Dial 7728 to download the corresponding songs according to the voice prompt.

Visit and navigate the portal.

Downloading Tunes
The default tune is the “Rule Your World” anthem. One can download a tune or change a default tune to reflect one’s personal preference through any of the following methods:

  • SMS – send a text “tune” followed by the tune code of tune from list to 7728. E.g. send tune10023 to 7728 (to download “Never too far”’ By Lagbaja). You can download up to 5 different tunes at any given time. Every downloaded tune, if not deleted, can stay in customer’s profile for 60 days. For list of tunes available, click here to see menu
  • IVR – Dial 7728 to change the default tune according to the voice prompt
  • WEB – Visit gloworld callertunes portal and navigate the portal

List of Tunes
To view the a sample list of tunes and their respective codes, please send ‘toptunes’ as a text message to 7728 to get a list of the top 10 hits and their respective codes, e.g. sms ‘toptunes’ to 7728; or call 7728 to pre-listen to clips of some tones; or visit gloworld callertunes portal.

Maximum Number of Downloadable Tunes
As another first from Glo, you can download up to five (5) different tunes unto your profile. With 5 tunes or less downloaded onto your profile, you can assign individual tunes to all your friends and colleagues.

Adding Tunes
To add a new tune when you already have five (5) tunes in your profile, you will have to delete one of the existing tunes.

Assigning Tunes
To assign a specific Tune to your friend’s number, send a text message with tune followed by number code, leave a space then enter the mobile number of the person and send to 7728. E.g. To assign hips don’t lie by Shakira as the caller tune for calls from your friend, (e.g. send tune20046 8055556666 to 7728). You will not be charged for assigning tunes, as long the tune has been previously downloaded into your profile. You can assign tunes to as many people as you want and any one not assigned a special tune will hear your default tune. However if you are downloading a new tune to your profile and assigning then you will be charged for the download). You can also assign this directly on the web portal.

To gift your friend Caller Tune service:
Subscribing a non-Caller Tunes user to the service, Send gift with1 month subscription, leave a space enter the 10 digit phone number to 7728 E.g.

Validity Period for Downloaded Tunes
The validity period for any tune downloaded is 90 days, after which the subscriber will have to pay a re-newer fee of N50 for the tune again or change his/her tune.

Delete tune
To delete a tune from your profile, call customer service on 121 or 200 or dial 7728 and follow the voice prompt.

To deregister service
If you wish to stop the service at any point in time, send text “dereg” to 7728 and service will be withdrawn without any charges. Or dial 7728 and follow the voice prompt.

To get other useful information on how to use the service, type “help’’ in an SMS message and send to 7728.

To check the tunes in your library, type ‘’my tunes’’ in an SMS message and send to 7728 or dial 7728 and follow the voice prompt.

The service is open to both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers and there are no handset restrictions to enrollment. Irrespective of handset type, whether high-end smart phones or low-end starter phones and those in between, all subscribers can avail themselves of this service.

“Caller Tunes” affords free registration and a competitive pricing structure. The bi-monthly subscription fee is N50 and each tune download also costs N50. While subscribing through SMS and web portal are free, the service attracts a fee of N10 per minute for voice calls.

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