[Literature] : Ade Son Of Thunder( A Tale About Love, Destiny And Betrayal)

My name is ade, I was born into a poor family of 2 siblings apart from me. We were so poor that the poor called us poor but we had something in common ,determination to success, my dad was a carpenter who nobody patronize while my mum was a woodseller, ten years ago both of them fight over anything and nothing , until the day grandpa dayo whom was tired of his usual quote , made them promise on his death bed to stay strong and courageous, after the promise grandpa gave up the ghost. Since then mum and dad united but because of the legend of our ancestors, nobody patronize baba ade, we feed from mum sales and she smuggled to put us in school on credit,we were nicknamed the firewood students becos our mum uses firewood to pay for our school fees , all the teachers and headmaster stores never run dries as mum fills it with firewood.


My elder ones hates me because the day I was born, the high priest screamed and sent a deadly message to the whole village that Sango has recarnated into its decendants, he clearly warned that nobody should have anything to do with them and this only worsen our situation, my dad was a good carpenter but none of his chair and table were ever sold, I could vividly remember when we were so hungry we broke down some of his table into firewood and attempted to sell it but nobody bought it and we finally had to use it, when the suffering was too much dad reported to the oba about the blasphemy but the oba could not risk the anger of the high priest so he blessed my mother trade instead and people started buying her firewood………… but power was about to change hands as my destiny started haunting me

Episode 1

Ade you bastard son of sango , I should have killed you the day you were born, you are nothing but evil to me… these were the words that my dad always use to start my day anytime he sees me early in the morning…. most of the times I would cry myself but today I felt different, I looked at my dad in the eye and I told him that you should have not giving birth to me, dad angrily landed a hot slap to my face , and my anger was unleashed, my eyes turned white and thunder started rumbling in the sky, and my dad shivered in fear, my mom quickly ran into the room, she hold my face and called my name, ade my love .. come back to me

I was in another realm , I saw a man in black , he was surrounded with lightening and thunder , he stretch out his hand for me but as I was about to stretch my hand to him , my mother voice rang in my hears , ade my love come back to me, I rememberher despite in my anger state , I drew my hand back, the man smiled back and told me the following words——– I have lay asleep in you for too long ade.m,,, accept my hands and fulfill my destiny, we have to merge into one body and heart….. no i screamed at him, I shall not become as evil as you, I will be back and with that my mission blurred and I saw myself in my mum hands, she was shedding tears , then I asked her the most dreaded question of my life. Mum what happened She look at me and told me that her worst nightmare is coming to reality….. dad watched from a distance, he could take it no more, he thanked the gods for if not for his wife he would have been dead by now, all his borrowed livestock were dead due to the strange power. It was then that papa ade finally gave up, he has giving birth to a demon and only him shall get rid of it………

Episode 2

Crush your enemy totally—48 laws of power

Baba ade has made up his mind to get rid of his son so he went straight to the high priest, meanwhile the news of the clash of thunder and drooping dead of all livestock a kilometres close to ade home spread through the village like wild fire, even the oba palace was the centre of gossip.

In the palace the chief were deliberating on how they should tackle this matter, kehinde the only daughter of the oba was spying on them ,when she heard the world ‘ayo’ she ran dazly to her mother whom sent messengers to warn her bestie friend(ade mum) to escape his son away before the beginning of the dreaded spell, even oduduwa himself cannot withstand the power of ayo, it is a creation spell that involves ten virgins, after their death / the girls spirits combine and take an eartly form then they would do what they were summoned for.

Baba ade wandered in the forest, he has lost his way but he was determined to end his misery, jide! Jide! Jide! __baba ade turn around, for more than twenty years nobody has called him by his real name then he saw the inevitable his grandpa was standing 15 feets from him

Go back and protect your son jide he needs you more than ever , your son is the key to your lives and destiny, he must be protected by your love and wisdom… with that jide dad disappears and baba ade found his way back home.

Meanwhile the message from the palace has been delivered to ade mum and they were already packing their bags to escaped.

I looked at my mum tearfuly, I can’t make her suffer more because of me so I lied to her that I want to use the toilet in the backyard so once I was outside I ran and ran and ran, then I saw a figure coming from afar, the shape looks more like my dad , when it was more closer I realized it was my dad , he was soloquolising my name, oh ade forgive me I know I have been a bad father , bye dad I murmured silently and I ran and ran until I saw a wood lorry passing by then it slowed down and I jumped into it , then I saw two guys in the lorry , they exclaimed thief theif but I beg them to please accommodate me and this is how my journey to lagos began, my first step starts from here

Episode 3

Talent without fame is like a candle without flame
Early in the morning I woke up to yaba yaba yaba screams from bus condutors, I yawned and stretch my body only to discover that am lying beside berger bridge , I only wondered how I got there, unknowingly to ade the bus driver dropped him off after they offloaded the loads, he knew ade too well and could not risk taking him back to the village.

Bus driver — yaba yaba yaba
Ade walked up to the conductor and begged him for money to eat due to his stomach rumbling

Conductor–(laughs) do I look like father Christmas or tb joshua to you, get out off here jare, you slowpoke

Ade walked out of there and wondered what his life was turning into three days now and he has not eaten anything so he silenty prayed to God to see him through , he did not finished the prayer before he saw a vacancy (HOUSE BOY NEEDED APPLY WITH IN) ade ran to the gate and knocked, a gate man open the gate and ade simply told him of his application , the man ushered him in and ade was called into the house for interview

Ade was surprised at the lady he saw whom was going to interview him, she was so beautiful,

Lady– my name is Lara

Ade—ma my name is ade

Lara—can you really do this work,

Ade—yes ma

Lady—can I know more about you

Ade—my name is ade, many people refer me as son of shango

Lara–(laughs) if you are the son of shango then am the daughter of oduduwa, but I like you shall, you a comedian or something

Ade—(stretch his hands) no am just a normal guy whom must work to chop

Lara—okay, so when will you resume

Ade—now if you don’t mind

Lara—of course I don’t

Ade resume duties in the house but little did he knows that Lara was a vampire who suck on guys blood and meat,

Lara —( speaks to herself ) oh tony blood was so sweet , after five months finally I can have fresh blood all to my self,

Lara was seventythree this year but due to her powers she lookes like she
Is in her early twenties…


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