LOVE BUZZ! Amazing Valentine Present Ideas For Your Partner

Getting Valentine’s present ideas can sometimes be a little strenuous as some people tend to be shy about speaking out loud what they really want for presents.

However, if your partner is an introvert like myself, you may find they’re not so keen on extravagant and/or grandiose display of love. We tend to dislike the crowd and drama and would rather cuddle up in bed and have a tete a tete. This is why I have assembled 14 valentine present ideas for introverts (in no particular order of importance) to assist you to get a present worthy, for that special one in your life

A Music Box/Mp3

A music box? Absolutely! We savor drowning in our favorite playlists and shutting off from the rest of the world.


A life plant

Introverts love nature as they often feel a sense of connection with it. They are also nurturers and will jump at the opportunity of being a part of the growth of something. Moreso, when it pertains to nature. It could be as random as a flower that would accentuate their room décor or a potted plant that would provide useful benefits. Either way, they’ll love it.

Books and/or book sets

A simple good book or a boxset of a special series or edition (if you’re aiming for that extra awwn) is a terrific choice. Remember, your introvert friend/partner just wants to curl up in bed and read.

A warm-colored shawl or scarf

Yeah, we’re big fans of cozy & comfy ☺️. We’ll appreciate the fact that you notice how simple, warm and comfortable we like to look and feel every time we go out.

Note pads

Oh yes, we cherish note pads, the lot of us keep journals and diaries (most introverts find writing as a means of expression) and we will find functions for every notepad that comes our way. I personally wouldn’t mind having over a dozen of them. If your introvert friend/partner loves to write, getting them a notepad with a lovely design is definitely not a bad Valentine present idea for introverts.

Customized Tees/hoodies/mugs

Get us a customized tee shirt or oversized hoodie with a real goofy write up on it that expresses our individuality and we’ll absolutely cherish it.

A Piece of Jewelry

So long as it’s simple, unique and yet, mysterious, it’ll make a lovely present.

Fancy pens/pencils

If your partner/friend is someone who writes a lot, draws or is a fashion designer, a pen will make a beautiful present.

Pencil portrait

Don’t we all just love to look at our own reflection?�. There’s something special about having a beautiful handmade portrait of yourself look at you everyday you wake up. Especially because you know it took the artist time and a painstaking attention to every detail of your features. It’s amazing.

Satin bonnets

I had a conversation with a friend about Valentine the other day and I was impressed at his idea of showing love. To him, showing love especially to that special one in your life should be an everyday affair and not something to be reserved for one day. Now ain’t that cute? Getting Valentine present ideas for introverts can sometimes be a little strenuous as introverts tend to be shy about speaking out loud what they really want for presents.


Awwwn cute little things

You know we’ll go down this lane �. Does your partner/friend love animals? Then you might want to consider this. Do ensure you do your homework properly so as to get a pet they love and are not allergic to so you don’t go and buy a chihuahua for someone who’s more into monkeys.


Yep! We love to make our own stuff especially when it means a lot to us. We also love to keep memories and oh what bliss twill be when we own a camera and are able to call our own shots (pun intended). It’ll make our photos (memories) more personal and trust me, that’s a big deal.

Home-cooked dinner

Firstly, this is important not just because it’s romantic but also because we’re super lazy cooks. Like every other thing, we cook up great meals in our head. However, in reality we go numb and will most likely settle for fast food.

Hence, we’d appreciate someone who takes the time to cook for us especially when it’s someone we trust.

Nature walk

I suggest an unpopular place with a beautiful landscape e.g waterside, plains, hills etc. Anyway, that’s my suggestion, it could as well be a creepy hideout (weird is cool these days lol) I mean it’s your buddy, you know them better. Do it your own style. The point is, let it be as natural and private as possible.

To wrap it up, this is not an exhaustive list. So feel free to share your ideas with us too.

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Have a happy and fun Valentine’s Day and remember to spread love everyday ❤️


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