Magu Under Attack For Saying Coronavirus Caused By Corruption

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, has come under attack for saying he strongly believes coronavirus is caused by corruption.

Magu had at the passing out parade of 281 cadets of the EFCC Detective Inspector Course-5, at the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna, on Tuesday said that Corruption is the biggest tragedy to human kind.

He was quoted as saying, “And I strongly believe that even the coronavirus is caused by corruption,”

Coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, broke out in Wuhan China in December 2019.

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The disease which has infected over 1500 medical workers in China and over 73,000 infected persons in 25 countries has not been determined, nor has a cure been found.

But, in reaction, some Nigerians on social media described the EFCC Boss as ‘ignorant, others wondered why Nigerians are been led by people who make them a laughing stock.

Here are comments gathered from Twitter…

@Zaddy_Clinton, ”Just listen to your EFCC acting chairman Magu saying that coronavirus is caused by corruption. Just imagine how ignorant one must be to make such a comment. Then the clowns that clapped at the end too.”

@john_danfulani, ”IGP Idris :Transmission-transmission. Mr.Magu: Corona Strategy/ casualties. Major General Buhari has a totally terrific team. No wonder they excelling in discharging their duties. Sai Baba!”

@honilatte, ”These are supposed people to look up to, people who can’t make intelligent statements without scripts. I finally give up.”
@john_danfulani, ”Corona Virus Comment:Mr. Ibrahim Magu should not be a JSS1 class monitor let alone head of a serious body like #EFCC. We’re better than this.”

@_T_DEL, ”I think people should see Magu’s claim this way. Corruption in humans make them think they must possess every money they touch, and corruption in viruses make them infect everything they touch.I think Magu is right but we just don’t value our intellectuals.”

@MrOdanz, “Please where do we get these kind of people from? And how do they end up leading us? Most importantly, how can we throw these set of people away please.”

@EduWaltzChuka, ”Since we all have agreed that Corona Virus is caused by Corruption, when are we sending Magu and his boys to China to save the world like Captain America.”

@FASTnFIERCE, ”Ibrahim Magu and Adamu Garba are in a competition for the crown of “Clown of the Year”Is it that Buhari government attracts clowns or it turns people into clowns?”

@MistaChika, ”When you find people like this heading sensitive agencies, then you’d understand the level of clumsiness by the government in power.We hope this will be the last affliction Nigeria will ever have.”

@MaRiamissachick, ”God why have you forsaken this country. Just imagine people this govt appoints to handle intelligent business.”

@FestusGreen, ”Buhari is a magnet for colossal failures & incompetent mofos, #bobrisky wouldn’t make such comments.How did Nigerians (very educated & exposed) allow these sets to Lord over them? How?”

@honilatte, ”You elect quota system products and you expect Nigeria to be globally respected.Nigeria is a global laughing stock and African Ant ruled by incompetent quota system people whose secondary school cut off marks are 5/300.”

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