In Yerima-1536x1024Animal Farm, the satirical novel written via George Orwell, all of the animals at Mr. Jones’ Manor Farm amassed to pay attention the pig, antique predominant, talk approximately the dream he had approximately a free world for all animals, with out human masters. Despite the fact that vintage foremost died rapidly after the assembly, the ‘animalism philosophy’ resonated with the animals, and then they plotted in opposition to Mr. Jones. After the revolution, which birthed the Animal Farm, pigs were installed price of affairs as they were considered the wiser ‘folk.’

some of the seven laws followed at the farm, was equality. “All animals are equal” became the maximum crucial rule on the animal farm. However, soon sufficient, the pigs made some modifications to the legal guidelines that supposedly govern them (out of greediness). Their most crucial law of equality metamorphosed into “All animals are identical, however a few animals are greater identical than others,” suggesting the prevalence of the pigs.
Even though the novel turned into posted in 1945, its subject matters are nevertheless very applicable in Nigeria and beyond these days; a rustic where regular battles among sexes is the norm. Musicians have sang approximately it, protests were staged and symbolic films made, however sadly, no longer an awful lot has modified. Gender inequality is one of the banes of Nigeria’s society and now, the struggle can be even fiercer than ever.

Men in Nigeria may be likened to the pigs in Animal Farm, as they declare superiority over girls, who are most instances relegated to the placement of 2d elegance citizens. Lifestyle, culture and faith have now not been truthful to ladies, instead they seem to tighten the noose round their necks.

During the last two a long time but, Nigeria has in reality witnessed an boom inside the quantity of protests for girls’s rights and same possibilities as a part of the worldwide name for gender parity. But, as a developing u . S . Nonetheless deeply entrenched in cultural norms and religious dogma, Nigeria has barely any consequences to show for it. The low price Nigeria places on its girls, not handiest plays out in violence towards them, however additionally on a far larger scale which include the Senate’s rejection of a bill to empower ladies. On Tuesday, the fifteenth of March, 2015, Mrs. Abiodun Olujiimi, a Senator, provided a invoice titled “Gender Parity and Prohibition of Violence in opposition to women.” In her clarification to her colleagues at the national meeting, Olujimi stated the invoice might are seeking same rights for women in marriage, schooling and activity possibilities. However while this invoice turned into placed right into a vote, there had been greater ‘nays’ than ‘ayes’, therefore, the bid became defeated.

Most of the people of the ‘nay’ chanters were men. As an instance. Ali Ndume, who reportedly urged Nigerians to stay with either religious or traditional marriage, became the same individual who on international girls’s Day recommended guys practice polygamy as a way of ‘worrying for girls’. The second superb antagonist became Sani Yerima who reportedly stated that the invoice negates the concepts of Sharia regulation. Yerima got here into limelight as a 50-year-old who married a 13-yr-old female from Egypt and changed into investigated for violating the Nigeria’s baby Rights Act of 2003. Yerima concealed below the cloak of faith to wriggle out of a court case, in which he claimed that he did no longer violate Sharia law, that’s identified with the aid of Nigeria’s constitution.
As soon because the media pronounced the refutation of the bill, social media became abuzz with indignant remarks and memes condemning the movements of the Senate. However, maximum of us know that creating a large deal of the incident will rarely alternate things. That is a battle that has been fought by way of our moms earlier than the appearance of social media and it’ll maintain for years to come.






















In Nigeria, ladies are good, however they’re no longer right enough, the “sins” that men can commit and escape with, girls try and they get lynched. Olajumoke Akindele must have worked clearly tough to emerge as the primary girl speaker in Ondo nation, even though it appears she changed into nonetheless no longer correct sufficient. She become impeached in advance this month. In her letter of impeachment which changed into signed via 18 lawmakers (or men), Akindele was accused of incompetence, highhandedness, drunkenness and easy virtues amongst many others. Whilst corruption and incompetence are grounds for impeachment, what do drunkenness and easy virtue should do with whatever?
Even though Akindele has reportedly being reinstated, the impeachment drama and frivolous claims recommend that Ondo lawmakers have a hassle with lady leadership.

Is Nigeria bridging the gap or only pretending to?

When Diamond financial institution decided to rejoice global ladies’s Day, they had a poster which featured eleven nicely-groomed men in suits (Diamond bank board members) with pledges to guide gender parity. Whilst some applauded their pledges to aid girls, others saw it as a ploy to make all of it approximately the men. However, one thing certainly stood out; Diamond financial institution does no longer have female board members.
As of 2013, the previous CBN governor, Lamido Sanusi, introduced that 30 percentage girls need to be appointed to the Board of administrators of banks in Nigeria. Yet, as of 2016, simplest a meagre 18 percent are on the board of directors. What is going to it take for ladies to break the glass ceiling?


One would possibly say the authorities holds all of the solutions, but allow us to check the Nigerian authorities’s tune document on gender equality. In 1985, Nigeria ratified the conference on the elimination of All sorts of Discrimination towards girls (CEDAW). This regulation outlines girls’s rights in the public sphere with an emphasis on political life, representation and rights to nationality. It also advocates for women’s right to equality in marriage and own family existence, in conjunction with the right to equality before the regulation.

Four days before the cease of his management, Goodluck Jonathan, the former President of Nigeria, finally signed the Violence against men and women Prohibition act into law (after protests from diverse NGOs and international firms). This move turned into applauded through maximum Nigerians, especially the NGOs that work surely closely with prone humans together with girls. But, till date, can Nigerians say that the VAPP regulation is powerful? Have incidences of rape, domestic violence and sexual assault declined since the regulation was made?

Nigeria may appearance properly on paper, however one handiest desires to appearance closer to comprehend that it’s miles all a farce. Gender disparity will abound as long as payments which can be applied at the federal stage are not followed through at the state and network stage. And furthermore, as long as norms and behaviour maintain to assist the concept that girls are second class citizens.

For all (wo)men to be identical, the conflict continues.

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