Why I Never Showed Emotions During Tiwa Savage’s Interview—Azuka


The ThisDay journalist, Azuka Ogujiuba, who interviewed Tiwa Savage few days in the past at the disaster rocking her marriage to Tee Billz, has replied to criticisms at her that she did poorly within the viral discussions.

Azuka mentioned that she is never a tv presenter, but a chronic print journalist and have to no longer be faulted for the activity, which she believes changed into properly.

She also said it would have been wrong for her to expose feelings during the interview due to the fact her career frowns at such.

Azuka maintained that she carried out the interview for her platform, ThisDay, and now not Pulse television as being speculated.

She stated the management of Tiwa Savage handiest determined to release the video for the net platform. The popular journalist referred to that she were at the neck of Tiwa Savage for an different interview, but that the opportunity best opened for her when her marriage crashed.

How did you get to interview Tiwa

i was alleged to interview her three weeks ago. And she or he was speculated to get permission to use Jamil’s picture with the pampers photograph.

I were following up for a while unsuccessfully. I accept as true with she was reluctant due to the troubles taking place within the marriage.

After TJ’s rant in the morning, i used to be requested to test online and noticed TJ’s rant. I called Tiwa and informed her what I heard and asked approximately the interview we had been imagined to have. I later referred to as Elohor both strains were busy all through the day. I was in the end capable of get Elohor approximately 10pm and stated I need to speak to Tiwa. However she replied that she doesn’t assume Tiwa will communicate.

Around 2am my smartphone rang and that i saw Tiwa’s caller identification. And it become her PA saying she’s geared up to do the interview and requested if i can come she might be very grateful. So I had to get my younger brother to include me because of the time. So that they came to pick out me from home and we went to Tiwa’s residence. It was a chunk horrifying because of that point of the night time.

The interview become meant for ThisDay not PulseTV but her management decided to launch it to Pulse alternatively. I was pretty dissatisfied about that.

What country did you meet her

She changed into in a horrific state. Like someone in mourning. Her eyes had been swollen. She become in tears. I met her with Elohor in her bedroom. And he or she gave me her telephone to read the exchange among her and her husband and from my conclusion she wanted peace and become inquiring for them to component approaches amicably and be top buddy’s for Jamil’s sake. I saw her photographs from the miscarriage and that added tears to my eyes.

Human beings have requested why she took photos. However I accept as true with it changed into due to the fact she knew who she married. There were snap shots of her in a stretcher.

How properly do you already know them

I met Tiwa earlier than she came to Nigeria. We have become friends while she relocated and that i did an interview with her. And soon thereafter, she added me to TJ as her manager then and we were given talking. He confirmed quite a few determination in making sure Tiwa advanced in her career.

I were given along well with TJ even greater than Tiwa. I experience very heartbroken this took place. I used to be involved of their wedding ceremony. I was the only journalist who flew to their wedding ceremony in Dubai.

Why did you display no emotion during the interview

I had carried out my crying before I went on air. I advised myself I needed to be difficult and it turned into deliberate. And her management insisted it had to be recorded so that she could now not be misquoted. I’m no longer a digicam man or woman but I determined to go along with their conditions due to the fact I wanted the distinct. I felt she depended on me enough to present me the one of a kind. I’m very frightened in the front of the digital camera. It wasn’t smooth for me due to the fact i used to be talking to a friend. I love TJ. I really like Tiwa. It turned into tough i was looking to take away my feelings.

What could you are saying for your critics

I read a number of the remarks and insults. I’m not a television journalist. I’m a print journalist. I’m no longer trained to be before a camera. I apprehend the criticism become due to the affection for Tiwa so I’m not in reality afflicted due to the fact i love her too. So agree with it become because I didn’t display her the love which her lovers predicted.

After the interview became over we nevertheless sat down and talked and consoled her.

There were so many memes approximately my expression. Humans examine me incorrect. I was trying not to cry. I was in shock. However cyber bullying doesn’t flow me. I’ve a thick skin. Tiwa knows i like her sincerely. So, i’m k with what absolutely everyone says; we’ve mutual respect. She even called me afterward to inform me now not to let the insults bother me.

Some humans even counseled me on my capability to detach my emotions. I apprehend her fans coming after me due to the fact they think I’m an enemy.

What else would you have asked

I assume i would have loved to speak with TJ. I examine him and Tiwa’s trade on her smartphone. Tiwa didn’t need battle. I’d have asked him how he allowed state of affairs to go to pot so horribly. I don’t forget how he was once so protective of her, she become like an egg to him. So it is so stunning matters are becoming to this degree.

Do you watched an excessive amount of was shared

The lady I saw that night time was broken. I without a doubt don’t need accountable her. She became a woman who had tried a lot. She turned into in a terrible kingdom. I had to ask her why she became crying like a person had died. She has included a lot from the public like whilst she included his money owed for the car, wristwatch and many others due to the fact she turned into scared the media would get hold of all of the information.

I don’t trust she did it to revenge. Tiwa is a soft soul. She isn’t always a sour person. She probably did it to save her emblem. She’s the largest lady logo in Nigeria perhaps even Africa.

Do you suspect this can affect her endorsements

I don’t assume so. I am hoping no longer. She became paid 2.5m for a display with Remy Martin and the cash by no means got to her as it was with TJ.

Who do you observed is at fault

I don’t really want to help every person however I know them both. I realize Tiwa will now not fabricate matters that never occurred. If need to stand with anyone i will stand with Tiwa.

Did Banky’s mother simply kick TJ out of the house

Banky is a gentleman and from a great domestic and his mom is polished. All of us know Banky was the high-quality guy at the wedding. I don’t assume Banky might be that mean. I don’t think he would abandon his friend whilst his buddy wishes him.

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