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[News] : Fani Kayode allegedly among those planning coup in Nigeria – O’odua youths

Previous Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has been cautioned against making joke of the strength of president Muhammadu Buhari. O’odu Progressives Youth Movement, which gave this notice to the ex-serve, said his current remarks propose that he is professedly one of those wanting to draw the military to topple Buhari.

The PDP stalwart had in article on Thursday, entitled ‘THE RINGING OF COUP BELLS AND A CAUSE FOR DEEP CONCERN’, noticed that as far back as 1966, the northern decision class had constantly affected an overthrow at whatever point they feel adequately debilitated with the loss of energy. “They would preferably have a center northern military despot in power than a southern pioneer or President.And they are set up to murder anybody, regardless of how very set, who remains in their direction or who endeavors to contradict or stop them,” he had composed. Responding to the remark on Friday at a question and answer session in Lagos, the National Coordinator of the gathering, Kola Salawu said Fani-Kayode was obviously among those legislators, who the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buaratai had prior pointed out. His announcement incompletely peruses. “Lamentably, our sibling and previous priest of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, we can’t deny him now that he has made a disturbance of himself, has affirmed learning of an approaching overthrow in Nigeria as a result of the evil strength of President Muhammadu Buhari, in his article titled ‘THE RINGING OF COUP BELLS AND A CAUSE FOR DEEP CONCERN’.” “In that article, Fani-Kayode sufficiently shown certain that he realizes what truly matters to him. Just a couple days prior, Fani-Kayode’s co-voyager, Dr Junaid Mohammed secretively made a comparative danger of upset in a meeting distributed by a national daily paper.” “He demanded that the north would stay in power regardless of results. This made us reason that he read from an indistinguishable script from Fani-Kayode.” “Gratefully, military specialists issued the auspicious notices for troopers to remain out of legislative issues and lawmakers quit initiating fighters. It is a level of polished skill and devotion of the Nigerian military that we find laudable, we especially recognize the administration boss who have exhibited their sense of duty regarding our majority rule government in a few courses.” “In them, the malicious individuals that had needed to truncate our vote based system have met their match as it has been clarified that the military will never again be accessible to curb the general population’s will.” “To alternate legislators who feel captivated by the questionable charge for an upset being driven by Fani-Kayode, our recommendation is for them to discover different dares to bet on. The mark of treachery that some characteristically stick on our ethnic stock is for any semblance of Fani-Kayode and not for the Yoruba race.” “We encourage our sibling to go get real legal advisors to safeguard his defilement cases in court as opposed to longing for a military upset or the breaking down of the nation neither would occur for him to escape all the debasement claims against him in the different official courtrooms.” “We need the overthrow mongers to give whatever is left of us some breathing space to appropriately assess and react to the critical issues confronting our country. These issues were the formation of the period that a similar upset mongers ran the undertakings of this nation.” “Today, Nigerians are in the throbs of financial hardship on account of the poor decisions made in that revolting past. Gratefully, the legislature of President Muhammadu Buhari is doing much to return monetary forces to the masses, cash go into the pockets of those that work as against the time when government till ended up plainly private ATMs for those in government, the individuals today’s identity running from one court to the request to answer debasement allegations were recipients of the ATM attitude.” “As we said at the onset, this two year point is an opportunity to compliment the change in security under the administration as Boko Haram and different dangers have been moved back. Instances of outfitted burglary and hijacking have lessened yet require that more be finished. What stays squeezing where security is concerned is the issue or executioner herders. It is an issue that the country must locate an enduring answer for in perspective of the effect it has on different parts of our national life like nourishment security.”

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