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[News] : I’m not a thief, says Diezani, Blames EFCC

Beset previous Petroleum Minister, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, is not taking charges of monstrous defilement leveled against her by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) gently.

She ascended in her own particular strong guard yesterday, denying the charges.

She blamed the EFCC for exploiting her quiet this while to put her on media trial and proclaimed in a protracted explanation from her London home.

She said given the “level of ponder errors”, she had now been compelled to end her hush and react to a few issues.

She particularly denied regularly pulling back $153million from the records of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) while in office and said the Yenagoa home, which the EFCC credited to her will be her family’s compound implicit 2011.

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The EFCC, as indicated by her, is just out to convict her in the court if general assessment in view of “false reports.”

She stated: “I have up till now kept up my quiet and not to react to mistaken press revealing.

“Notwithstanding, given the level of think mistakes, I am presently compelled to react in light of the fact that unmistakably the EFCC is exploiting my quiet to attempt me by media and to convict me according to people in general on false reports.

“I am profoundly aggravated and befuddled by late media reports (Premium Times Thursday 12 January, 2017 and different dailies about a similar time) guaranteeing that by ideals of a request of the Federal High Court, I have relinquished to the Federal Government, the whole of $153.3m which I purportedly stole from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.

“Most importantly, while the purposes behind my being out of the nation are open information, the guideline of reasonable listening to requests that I ought to have been told of formal charges if genuinely there was a by all appearances proof or arraignment against my individual connecting me with the said issue, in order to guarantee that I had sufficient legitimate representation. This was never done.

“I wish to express that I can’t relinquish what was never mine. I don’t have the foggiest idea about the premise on which the EFCC have said that I am the proprietor of these assets as no proof was given to me before the request was acquired and they have not in actuality served me with the request or, any confirmation since they got it.”

She went ahead: “As at the season of my composition this counter (Thursday nineteenth January, 2017) the EFCC have still not outfitted me or my Lawyers, with a duplicate of the request.

“I am additionally educated by my attorneys that the enactment under which the EFCC got this request is for circumstances where the assets are accepted to be the returns of wrongdoing and the proprietor is not known.

“I don’t in this manner see how the EFCC can at the same moment say that the monies being referred to are mine.

“In the event that they had prove that the monies were mine then they would not/ought not have utilized the system which applies just to assets of obscure proprietorship.

“In the event that without a doubt they utilized this specific legitimate technique since they didn’t know who claimed the monies, then in what capacity would they be able to now be dishonestly ascribing the proprietorship to me.

“Give me re-a chance to state completely as I have constantly kept up for the record, I have not and will never take cash from or dupe the Federal Government of Nigeria.

“I will react to any charges brought against me that take after appropriately set down systems.

“Be that as it may, in their run of the mill way and style, the EFCC have gone to the media to endeavor to indict their case as trial by TV and other media, instead of experience the cumbersome however attempted and tried method for the Judicial Court handle.

“Even with the undeniable distortion of actualities and deception, it is just right and appropriate that the EFCC ought to distribute the subtle elements of the $153.3M lodgements, the ledger numbers and the record recipients, indicating confirmation of my connection to them.

“Having likewise charged that the said $153.3M was “wired” from NNPC, the EFCC ought to likewise distribute points of interest of the NNPC accounts from where the said $153.3 million was brought from with evidence that I approved such an exchange/exchanges acting either in my private limit or, as The Honorable Minister of Petroleum.

“Give me a chance to state for the record that as Minister of Petroleum, the operation and administration of NNPC funds were outside my domain as delineated in both the Petroleum Act and the NNPC Act.

“The main association I had in NNPC Finances was regarding statutory matters where the Petroleum Act recommended that as Minister, there were sure obligations or activities which I needed to perform or take in connection to NNPC.

On affirmed $700million found in her home and a few houses followed to her, Diezani blamed EFCC for witch-chase.

She included: “On the thirteenth of June 2016, the EFCC by and by took their well-trodden way to the media. This time guaranteeing that they had “found” a chateau in Asokoro, Abuja, worth $18million (approx. N9billion) which they indicated to have a place with me.

“The EFCC went to the degree of getting Aljazeera, an International TV Station, to air a harming narrative against me in such manner, demonstrating a specific private working in Asokoro, Abuja, which they advised Aljazeera had a place with me

“The EFCC Chairman Ibrahim Magu, by and by took the Aljazeera journalist to the building, affirming that it had a place with me.

“It has since turned out to be obvious that the house has a place with an organization claimed by Mr Kola Aluko.

“In the event that this is not a witch-chase or an individual grudge against me, how could it be that one of our Country’s chief investigative organizations were not able benefit themselves of realities that are openly accessible in people in general area?

“Since the EFCC claims that the asserted $18million Asokoro property has a place with me, then they ought to mercifully deliver the “Valid” Certificate of Occupancy and Land Registry data and some other important data, as evidence of my responsibility for property.

“On the ninth November 2016, the EFCC went to our family home in Yenagoa (Bayelsa State) as pre-concurred and they were escorted around the premises.

“I was thusly totally stunned to at the end of the day see my name thrillingly sprinkled over the Front Pages of Newspapers and broadly coursed on the web, with blasting Headlines, for example, “EFCC UNCOVERS DIEZANI’S MULTI-BILLION NAIRA ESTATE” – Nation Newspaper, January 8, 2017 (Annex-4A). There was literally nothing “Covered up” or “Hid” about the home.

“I had announced it straightforwardly as required by Law, in my Asset presentation frames (Annex-4B). However the EFCC have reported that they ‘Quite recently Discovered’ my ‘Concealed Estate’! What’s more, named it a ‘Multi-Billion Naira Estate’! Despite the fact that they had been given the Bill of Quantities, demonstrating genuine sum spent.

“It is acknowledged convention over the length and broadness of Nigeria, for individuals to claim Country/Village homes. Given the measure of the land and the area of the aggravate, the structures consequently can’t by any extend of the creative energy be a “Multi-Billion Naira” palatial home, as the news mongers would need to depict.

“The EFCC were gone up against a voyage through the compound which comprised of a Main house, and two latrines – An Obi (meeting home) and a staff quarters(BQ) building – above which we constructed 3 visitor rooms and a parlor.

“The main other two structures are the door and generator houses. Development started in late 2011 and was taken care of in stages.

“Amid the visit the EFCC was given the bill of amounts, which up until the time development ceased in mid 2015, because of my ailment, was at roughly N394million which was proclaimed in the implicit rules documentation, joined (the expenses were in part supported by an advance – see set of principles – Annex4B, the work is still uncompleted and the temporary worker is as yet being owed).

“Building costs heightened accordingly of deferrals in development and outside elements, for example, the outrageous flooding generally 2012 that secured the majority of our zones in the Niger Delta.

“It is the acknowledged standard when working in the Niger Delta, that because of the geography of the land and the intensely waterlogged and boggy landscape, development is vastly more costly than in different parts of the nation, as by its tendency it requires the working of broad heaping/flatboat establishments before any basic work can start.

“The flooding of 2012 aggravated the issue and further expanded the cost of development.

“Stories were circled by corrupt specialists of backbiting that the EFCC found a psyche boggling $700million in trade out my home in Abuja.

“Would the recordings of this $700 million money disclosure not have made great review? Then again ought to the individuals who recuperated this cash not tell general society where precisely the cash has been kept?

“Maybe the Central Bank ought to certify that it is in care of these monies supposedly found in my home

“However, then, it is presently patently clear that Nigerians are no longer effectively persuaded tales and staggering misrepresentations.”

The ex-Minister said regardless of the feedback of her residency, she cleared out $5.6billion LNG profits for the organization of President Muhammadu Buhari.

She stated: “I might want to state for the record that I played out my obligation as Minister of Petroleum Resources with the most extreme truthfulness and awareness of other’s expectations, guaranteeing that all Nigerians independent of belief, sex or tribe making the most of their legitimate advantages from the Oil and Gas Sector.

“It is apropos to note that toward the finish of my residency, I deserted in the LNG profit finance, for the approaching Administration, the aggregate of $5.6billion (five billion six hundred million US Dollars)(Annex-6A).

“I did this to guarantee progression in the vital gas area improvement which supports the whole Power and Energy Sector and which was and still is, totally basic for the Country’s present and future financial advancement.”

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