[News] ‘I Paint With My Period’ – Yoga Instructor Uses Menstrual Blood To Make Art

A 30-year-old massage therapist and yoga instructor from Michigan USA, Cassie Blue, has shared pictures of the art work she made using blood from her menstrual period as paint.

Such art is known as Yoni paintings, Yoni being the ancient Indian term for vagina.

Speaking about why she ventured into such, Cassie said her menstrual cycle causes her discomfort, so she decided to find convenience by being creative during her menstrual period.

“I use a reusable menstrual cup and pour the contents into a lidded glass jar. If I’m not ready to paint yet I’ll just store it until I’m ready. I don’t need very much at all, it’s probably less than an ounce.

“Before I began yoni paintings, I felt largely inconvenienced by my cycle, that it was something I had to do. Now, I see it as a blessing and opportunity, something I am truly grateful for.

“I was really excited to do my first yoni painting. I’d just gotten back from the solar eclipse in Charleston, South Carolina, and had started my cycle early, in sync with the eclipse.

“Any apprehension was melted by the time I got my paintbrush out and began painting, my own self being painted in front of me.

“Sometimes the images come to me as I’m planning for my painting; gathering canvases and brushes, but other times it’s more from energetic vibes and I just try to express them accurately as they feel in my mind to how the shapes look on the canvas.

“Other times I start out with one plan and something completely different happens in the process, it definitely varies month-to-month.”

Amazingly, Cassie has received an overwhelming amount of support from friends and strangers.

“I’m still waiting for the backlash because I’ve had nothing but support in my life with regards to them. People are curious and just tend to ask a lot of questions.

“My friends will ask logistics: how I collect, dispose, etc. Strangers are more curious as to why. Either way I’m happy to answer because it’s been so helpful in my life.

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