[News] : Senate blasts Buhari for sending military to Gambia without approval

The Senate has upbraided President Muhammadu Buhari’s Federal Government for sending troop to The Gambia without looking for administrative endorsement.

Review that pressure has keep on rising after the refusal of Yahya Jammeh to venture down from office in the wake of losing the December 1 2016 Presidential decision.

The Nigerian Air Force had on Wednesday sent an unforeseen of 200 men and air assets, led via Air Commodore Tajudeen Yusuf, to Dakar, Senegal, with the point of expelling the beset President from office.

Responding to the military activity, Senator Chukwuka Utazi, amid today’s whole at the red chembers of the National Assembly, raised a state of request.

Refering to Section 5(4) of the Constitution, he said what the Buhari-led government did was illegal.

Utazi stated, “I am stating this in view of the happenings in our cordial nation in Gambia. The ECOWAS nations have been talking about on this issue; on the best way to guarantee that just emergency of the general population of Gambia are secured. Yet, to include that this nation will go on a fighting in another nation without a plan of action to this established arrangements is an insult of the 1999 Constitution and it is a break of the Constitution, and we have flopped notwithstanding when the Senate has been coordinating with the official.

“Give it a chance to be on record that on the off chance that anything of this nature happens, that this national get together must be educated appropriately in composing.”

Section 5(4) states, “(a) the President shall not declare a state of war between the federation and another country except with the sanction of a resolution of both houses of the National Assembly sitting in a joint session; and (b) except with the prior approval of the senate, no member of the armed forces of the federation shall be deployed on combat duty outside Nigeria.”

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