[News] : How Songo, Ogun, Okija shrine can stop Nigeria public office holders from corruption – Prof Oyebode

A Professor of Law at the University of Lagos, Akin Oyebode, has said holding the Bible and the Qur’an amid promise taking by open officers does not acquire moment rage of God like taking a vow by the divine force of iron, Ogun, or lord of thunder, Sango.

Talking in Lagos on Wednesday, the Professor of Law said utilizing religious sacred writings amid vow taking by open office holders has not diminished debasement among open office holders.

As indicated by Oyebode, disappointment of authority was because of the failure of open office holders to experience the substance of their promises of office.

Oyebode stated, “My late associate, Prof. C.S Momoh said individuals don’t consider promises important on the grounds that we are worshiping outside divine beings.

“Christianity and Islam began from outside Nigeria. We ought to change the technique for vow taking by utilizing bits of iron, Sopona and other conventional things.

“We as Africans are extremely conventional, we may put on western apparel yet when a genuine African has issues, he races to the local specialist in the town.

“With respect to the Bible and the Qur’an, Africans don’t fear those books yet in the event that a bit of iron is utilized to take a promise by the lord of iron or thunder by the divine force of Sango, African individuals will comply with their pledges.

“There is a ton of legitimacy in this view we need to investigate the service of pledge taking by not depending on the Bible or the Qur’an.

“For promise taking at the national level, I’m proposing that we backpedal to our underlying foundations. For instance, take a gander at the Okija Shrine, individuals were so anxious of the hallowed place since they realized that the outcomes of spurning a pledge taken there could pulverize.

“Despite the fact that, we talk great English, we are not English individuals. There are issues with our mind, the white man evacuated our qualities and supplanted them with his own qualities.

“Nigerians have ended up “Afro-saxtons”. We are neither African nor British, we are in the middle of, and the legal advisor who is included in the techniques of pledge taking is the finest case of this.

“There are no legitimate results of infringement of vows on the grounds that the vows by means of the Bible and the Quran is amongst him and God, the infringement of which is just shocking.

“Be that as it may, customary vows pledged to Gods like Obatala, Sango, Sopona and Aiyelala are dreaded in view of the grave authorizations went by on the violators.

“The loyalty to pledges is an integral part of the desiderata of responsibility. The disappointment by Nigeria’s open office holders to hold themselves bound by their pledges of office should be expostulated and seriously censured.

“In different climes, the individuals who befoul their pledges are disgraced or sent to be singed at the stake, however here, our resistance level appears to be excessively versatile.”

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