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Obasanjo writes Saraki, Dogara, accuses NASS members of corruption, greed, impunity


Jan 28, 2016



I will reply him formally — Saraki

I won’t join issues with him — Dogara


ABUJA—Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has attacked individuals from both arms of the National Assembly, blaming them for ravenousness, exemption and debasement.

Obasanjo, whose allegation was contained in a January 13, 2016, letter tended to the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, and speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, deplored that the officials had neglected to show understanding, in perspective of the present monetary circumstance in the nation, brought about by an accident in the cost of unrefined petroleum in the universal business sector.

Saraki, Dogara talk

While Senate President, Bukola Saraki, said he would respond to the previous President in a formal way, the House of Representatives Speaker said it might not want to join issues with him.

Obasanjo said it was unfortunate that the National Assembly had not sufficiently demonstrated strength to distribute its intermittent spending plan for 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015, focusing on the requirement for the legislators to be straightforward in their money related dealings.

Obasanjo said: ”On a couple events previously, both all through office as the President of Nigeria, I have struggled on specific issues inside of the arms of government at the national level and among the levels of government also.

”Not slightest, I have reflected and communicated, candidly now and again, my perspectives on the practice in the National Assembly which brings down distinguishedness and honourability since it is covered in haziness and supreme absence of straightforwardness and couldn’t be viewed as typical, great and fair practice in a vote based system that should be praiseworthy. I am, obviously, alluding to the issue of spending plans and funds of the National Assembly.

Present monetary circumstance

”The present monetary circumstance that the nation has ended up in is the peak of the consistent disintegration of good budgetary and financial administration which developed from terrible to more awful in the most recent six years or somewhere in the vicinity.



”The official and the authoritative arms of government must acknowledge and share obligation in such manner. Furthermore, if there will be a review of the circumstance as ahead of schedule as could be expected under the circumstances, the two arms should likewise bear the obligation relatively.

”The two arms ran the undertakings of the nation incognizant of the blustery day. The blustery day is presently here. It would not work that the two arms ought to stand one next to the other with one arm pulling and without the backing of the other one for good and productive administration of the economy.

”The reason for race into the Legislative Assembly especially at the national level is to offer support of the country and not for the individual administration and enthusiasm of individuals to the detriment of the country which appeared to have been the attitude, brain science, outlook and practice inside of the National Assembly since the start of this present fair regulation. Where is patriotism? Where is duty? Where is administration?

Great governace and straightforwardness

”The start of good administration which is the obligation of all arms and every one of the levels of government is openness and straightforwardness.

”It doesn’t make a difference what else we attempt to do, the length of one arm of government covers its money related organization and administration in darkness and practices overflowing with debasement, just practically nothing, if anything by any means, can be accomplished in putting Nigeria on the way of manageable and persisting vote based framework, improvement and advancement. Administration without straightforwardness will be a joke of vote based system.

”Give us a chance to be more straightforward and particular with the goal that move can be made where it is desperately vital. A circumstance where our national spending plan was predicated on $38 per barrel of oil with evaluated 2 million barrels for every day and before the monetary allowance was exhibited, the cost of oil had gone down to $34 per barrel and now drifting around $30 and we have no confirmation of delivering 2 million barrels and on the off chance that we would, we be able to have no affirmation of discovering business sector for it, unquestionably calls for alert.

”On the off chance that generation and cost anticipated in the financial backing stand, we would need to obtain very nearly 33% of the 6 trillion naira spending plan. Presently starting with the truth of the financial backing, there is requirement for calm reflection and penance with development at the level of official and authoritative arms of government.

”The soberness, the penance and reality must be persistent and evident. It must not be seen and said that the individuals who, as pioneers, call for penance from the citizenry are living in disgusting extravagance.

”It won’t just be coldhearted however insensitively so. No doubt it is turning into a society that decision into the administrative arm of government at the national level specifically is a permit for money related wrongdoing and that ought not be.

NASS and new picture

”The National Assembly now has a remarkable chance of exhibiting another picture of itself. It will fortify, extend, enlarge and maintain our popular government. By our Constitution, the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission is accused of the obligation of altering remittances of the three arms of government: official, assembly and legal.

”Mr. President of the Senate and Hon. Speaker of the House, you realize that your payment which the Commission had suggested for you deals with all your honest to goodness necessities: fundamental pay, auto, lodging, staff, voting public stipend.

”In spite of the fact that the electorate remittance is paid to all individuals from the National Assembly, a considerable lot of them have no voting public workplaces which the stipend is incompletely intended to cook for. But then different recompenses and installments have been included by the National Assembly for the National Assembly individuals’ remittances. Unquestionably, entirely talking, it is unlawful.

”The National Assembly ought to have the valor to distribute its repetitive spending plans for the years 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015. That is the thing that straightforwardness requests. With the quantity of administrators not changing, correlation can be made.

”Correlations in remittances can likewise be made with nations such as Ghana, Kenya, Senegal and even Malaysia and Indonesia who are wealthier and more created than we are.

”The monetary allowance is a proposition and just an appraisal of pay and consumption. Where wage is deficient, use won’t be made. While in government, I was undermined with prosecution by the individuals from the National Assembly for not discharging some cash they had appropriated for themselves which were detestable and for which there were no salaries to bolster.

”The late issue of autos for administrators would fall into the same classification. Whatever name it is masked as, it is superfluous and coldhearted. A pool of a couple of autos for every Chamber will suffice for any Committee Chairman or individuals for a particular obligation.

”The waste that has gone into autos, furniture, lodging remodel in the past was brain boggling and these were veritable wellsprings of waste and debasement. That was the reason they were canceled. Conveying them back is hostile to the enthusiasm of Nigeria and Nigerians.

”It will be fascinating if the National Assembly will be sufficiently noteworthy and start the procedure of straightforwardness, obligation and authenticity by distributed its intermittent spending plans for 2016 as it ought to regularly be finished.”

Saraki, Dogara, others respond

Responding to the affirmation, the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, said he was all the while concentrating on the letter and would formally compose an answer to the previous President in a matter of seconds.

Talking through his Special Adviser, Media and Publicity,Yusuph Olaniyonu, Saraki recognized that he had gotten the letter and that he would formally convey the previous President.

In any case, Senate representative, Aliyu Sabi, guaranteed that he didn’t know about the said letter to the Senate President, focusing on that if the letter was sent, it would be imparted to congresspersons through the Senate President.

“Similarly as I am concerned, I am not mindful of any letter to the Senate President from the previous president,so I can’t remark on what I am not mindful of.

“We have a constitution on this nation and any correspondence to the National Assembly should take after the set down principles, so like I said, when I am educated of the said letter, I can now talk,” he told Vanguard.

On its part, the House of Representatives said it might not want to join issues with the previous President.

Director of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Abdulrasak Namdas, said: “I would prefer not to join issues with the previous President, what is before us now is the 2016 spending plan which we are resolved to take a shot at.”

Be that as it may, an individual from the House, Chike Okafor, APC, Imo, said the previous President’s letter was a declaration of his lost offer to expand his residency around ten years back.

By, the previous president shows up not to have overlooked the National Assembly to cut short his d

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