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PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari should stop chasing shadows and concentrate on providing good governance and dividends of democracy to Nigerians as he promised,” said Mike, a commuter in the CMS-bound vehicle this Monday morning as the radio presenters talked about the huge amounts of money missing from Nigeria’s treasury.

“What do you mean? The man is buckling down, attempting to bring every one of the individuals who have stolen this country oblivious to book. It appears you are among those that bolster defilement,” countered Jide.

Said Mike: “Please relax brothers. We are occupied with pursuing rats while our home is breaking down. I am glad he is battling debasement yet honestly, no be just dat we go hack. Regular we are told what number of billions and trillions are missing while each other thing is on hold. Haba! Individuals are ravenous for’s the love of all that is pure and holy!”

“So with what cash will he give profits of majority rules system? There is no cash at this moment, so he needs to recuperate the assets all together give those things we require,” answered Jide.

“No cash without a doubt! You dey the tote? See the way you say it definitively. We simply hear and parrot it as though we arrived. So all the cash they have been utilizing to venture to every part of the globe, pay their pay rates and recompenses are from their own organizations bah? An ask make I hear word!” countered Mike.

“We are missing the point. To begin with things first! For whatever length of time that the structure of this country remains the way it is, we ought to disregard any positive change.

My recommendation is for them to rebuild the nation, actualize the resolutions of the last national gathering. On the off chance that the framework is not rebuilt, he will be squandering his time. It will be similar to pouring water on the stone,” advised Uche.

“Be that as it may, assuming an adversary Army had attacked and ravaged Nigeria, will PMB and his co-voyagers leave what they ought to be doing and continue producing one reason after another? I think he ought to consider it to be such and look for approaches to revamp Nigeria. All things considered, they are attempting to remake every one of the annihilations by Boko Haram.

Reinforcing the establishments

Nobody is seeking after the terrorists to get back the things they stole. Regardless of what anybody says, this country is still extremely rich. We have essentially declined to think,” said Ken.

“You folks stun me. So we ought to permit the hoodlums to go and make the most of their plunder while we endure?” asked Udo.

Answered Mike: “A long way from it. Attempt and comprehend us. There are offices intended to do all that; enable them, fortify the foundations and things will work. Battle defilement by all methods yet not at the drawback of different areas. Our economy is presently torpid; go to the lanes and hear individuals griping intensely.

Said John: “Thanks brother. Your head dey here. We should figure out how to realize totally new possibilities. The world is proceeding onward and we are established on a spot. I couldn’t trust the gentleman planned N39.4 billion to look for oil in the north when the world is getting rid of fossil fuel. Not just that, Dangote is burning through billions of dollars to fabricate the biggest oil refinery in Africa as of now as opposed to putting resources into environmentally friendly power vitality.

Proceeding with, he said: “The US needs to auction their oil before it gets to be unessential as a result of another revelation about Thorium, with nuclear number 90. Researchers have found that a teaspoonful of thorium can control a vehicle for a long time with no compelling reason to refuel and here we are as yet attempting to hunt down fossil fuel.”

“Precisely! PMB ought to search for savvy individuals to help him. Rather than disparaging the past organization, he ought to search for the things they did well and enhance them. He ought to permit the courts and the security offices carry out their occupations and talk less. The reasons are getting to be silly. I expect the Agric clergyman, Audu Ogbeh, to influence on previous Agric pastor, Adesina’s accomplishments in the segment and enhance it. We should broaden our economy. Reserve explores to take a gander at how to enhance our agric produce and strong minerals for fare,” said Mike.

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