Anambra Primary School Gives Goats As Gifts To Outstanding Students (Photos)

October 17, 2018 Fasasi 0

A school in Anambra state was mocked last year after outstanding students have been given goats with the aid of the school management for distinguishing themselves academically.
The authorities of Santa Mary Nursery and Primary school 2, Nibo, a school controlled by the St. Theresa’s parish, Catholic Diocese of Awka, Anambra state, gave pupils that came top of their classes the unusual gifts by no means received by students in the history of Nigeria education system.

On Monday, 15th October 2018, the Ora Goat Project befell again in the same school. It was discovered that the goat items were given to pupils that took the first position of their respective classes from number 1 to 6 in both campuses.
According to a report by Tobenna Obiano, the school organisers said, “the essence of the project is to inculcate the habit of caring in the Children and also to assist the children in paying their school fees through the proceeds from the goats as it begins to multiply. As the children learn how to care for the goats, they will as well learn how to care for themselves, parents, family, etc and the society at large especially in this milieu where nobody hardly cares.

Report has it that this is the third time this is happening in the school..

Tobenna Obiano has urged citizens that the unique gift and concept should be appreciated and supported by all. He also said other communities in and outside Anambra State may also consider adopting it young ones are taught to honour traditions of love and care.