[Tech] How to Play Nintendo DS ROMs at Full Speed Using Drastic

The enjoyment of playing diversions with no slack is a fantasy for each gamer around the globe. What’s more, to influence this fantasy to work out as expected we will take a gander at a few hints and traps to accelerate your amusement play. We will cover everything from diversion settings and taking a gander at how to investigate cheats with the goal that you can go all weapons bursting against your rival. Presently you won’t not possess a Nintendo, but rather that doesn’t mean you ought to be denied of recreations like Pokemon, Mario and other Nintendo works of art. You can simply settle on a Nintendo emulator to access these diversions. The issue however is that a portion of the emulators have a tendency to be very moderate and the slack sort of murders the state of mind totally.

Don’t let your NDS emulator slow you down from playing Pokemon black or white or heartgold and soulsilver. By the end of this post, you will learn to play Pokemon without any lag. Well if you are already using the Drastic DS emulator you might not be having any problem, it works very well but there is an option for better performance. If you wondering how you can increase your emulator speed, then let’s jump right in?

What Do You Need to Download?

You will have to download Drastic NDS emulator either from the play store or from a website like 4shared. However, be very careful about where you are downloading the software from, if you download it from the wrong source, you might end up compromising the security of your device. Once you have the emulator up and running, you need to download and install your ROMs right away. You can download your ROMs from coolrom.com and save them on your SD card in a place you can find them easily (making a ROM folder makes this easier). Choose to load a new game. Then navigate to where you have saved the game and choose any game you would like to play.

How to Play at Full Speed?

Some games will not run at full speed no matter what you do, after all an emulator no matter how good it is, is an emulator, it can never compare with the real device, though the best ones do come pretty close. This particular emulator promises to perform well. With a little tweaking of the software your game play will be at full speed or even faster with the fast forward option.

Once you start the game go to the menu and then to options.
In the options section:
Choose your “Fast-Forward maximum speed” to 400%
Uncheck the “Sound enabled” option this is because games run faster without sound. Additionally, for Pokemon, you can go to the cheats section to learn some cheats.

Tip: Click on “All Items Codes” and enable Consumables and Pokeballs to do some more damage.

Now start the game, have fun and share it with other Pokemon fans and friends.

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