Tenant removes neighbour’s 7-mth pregnancy with kitchen knife

A mother of two, Mrs. Oyinyechi Chinaka, is recuperating   after she was reportedly stabbed a few times by her neighbor (names withheld)  in Mushin territory of Lagos.

Mrs Chinaka was surged to   the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, however she lost her seven months pregnancy.

The casualty’s distress began   after she supposedly gotten the neighbour   stealing   cash from her handbag and, not needing the lady to expose  him  at number 11, Anjorin Street, Mushin, Lagos, the suspect was said to have cut Mrs. Chinaka with  a  kitchen blade severally  on her stomach ,arm and neck and   left   her to seep to death .

The mother of two could have died   however for the convenient intercession of neighbors who went searching for her and called for help after they saw her lying in her room in a pool of blood.

While neighbors were at a misfortune about   what   transpired, the aggressor went about as though nothing happened until he was discovered by his senior sibling and   he admitted to cutting Mrs. Chinaka .


The casualty, who identifies with Sunday Vanguard on her clinic bed, described, ” I was at home that critical day when my kids came to me in the kitchen where I was cooking to say power had been restored, and that I ought to go to the lounge to play a toon video, called Power Ranger, for them. I exited what I was doing and   went to work the TV for them. Be that as it may, to my shock, I saw the neighbor in my room. He was experiencing my tote to take cash. I caught him in the act. He was stunned .I said, ” So, you are the one taking all the cash that has been absent in this compound’. I was stunned on the grounds that I believed him and we had never fought. I typically left my kids with   him and he entered  my home the way he loved, however for him to be taking was stunning to me. As I was all the while conversing with him, he came up short on the room and before I recognized what was happening,  he returned with a kitchen cut and let me know that he will cut me with it. I thought he was kidding yet to my stun, he moved close and, as I endeavored to get away, he held me and began wounding me with the blade . He cut me until I lost awareness. I didn’t comprehend what happened next. I just got myself in  doctor’s facility and, after surgery, I was resuscitated. My spouse let me know that I was wounded and would show passed on yet for God’s leniency. I couldn’t feel my child any longer. I was seven months pregnant however my infant was not kicking”.

Mr. Henry , Mrs Chinaka’s sibling    in-law, clarified the inconvenience the family experienced to get medicinal help for her.

” When we heard that she was cut, the family revitalized round and surged her to LUTH. Specialists let us know that she needed to utilize the only   ICU machine however many people were on line to utilize it. We ran higgledy piggledy to search for cash to store for her treatment. We needed to store N500,000 and we have spent more than a million naira   on her treatment however no one knew who wounded her and she was in a coma machine for months  . Obscure to us, the aggressor’s senior sibling had reported him to the police at the Olosan Police Station and the police had charged him to court for endeavored murder   without completing exhaustive examination nor did they   visit the lady in the clinic” , Henry said. ” We  have been winning on the police to incorporate the instance of homicide in the charge against the assailant  in light of the fact that the lady lost her seven months old pregnancy because of the wounding. The child is in the mortuary     yet the DPO of the Olosan Police Station and the IPO are not prepared to collaborate with us as they went ahead to charge the kid to court without got notification from the group of the casualty. We are speaking to the police to return to the case and revise the   charge to incorporate homicide. We need equity to be finished.”

A human rights lobbyist, Mr. Ishola Agbodemu, asked the police to  get equity for the casualty, particularly in the light of the lost pregnancy.

“On the off chance that she had not been cut and made to experience such a loathsome ordeal, she would have brought forth a tyke by now.   The tyke’s homicide ought not be ignored by the police”, Agbodemu said.

In his announcement to the police, the suspect said he was pushed by a detestable soul to wound Mrs. Chinaka.

“I went to her home to take cash. She got me however a soul instructed me to wound her, so I went to the kitchen and took the blade and cut her with it. I cut her since I didn’t need her to uncover to different neighbors that I am a cheat. I fled the house when I saw blood spouting out. It was my sibling who uncovered me. He saw a cut injury on my hand and he doubted me where I got it. I needed to admit to him that I utilized blade to cut Mrs Chinaka. My senior sibling tooOyinyechi-Chinaka

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