Fore! Watch out for cheaters.

Tiger Woods shocked the world when news broke that he was sleeping around with porn stars, strippers and young babes while married to Swedish model Elin Nordegren.

Woods apologized publicly on Feb. 19, 2010 for giving in to temptation.

“I was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated,” he said. “What I did was unacceptable. I have only myself to blame.”

The disgraced golfer tried to get his drama out of the spotlight, but media attention only built on his misfortunes.

Woods’ filthy antics weren’t the first and it certainly won’t be the last.

Here’s a look at the most famous cheating scandals:


Anthony Weiner (Carlos Danger)

You might recollect that it as Weinergate.

New York City Congressman Anthony Weiner was included in two sexting outrages amid his political vocation. The first was a message of him wearing clothing covering his erect penis sent through Twitter to a 21-year-old lady in 2011.

In his second sexting endeavor, he went under the nom de plume “Carlos Danger” and sent more unequivocal pictures to a 23-year-old lady.

He conceded he sent different pictures both before and amid his marriage.

Woody Allen

In an unusual unforeseen development, really popular on-screen character and producer Woody Allen started an association with his wife Mia Farrow’s young received girl Soon-Yi Previn.

LeAnn Rimes


Nation and pop artist LeAnn Rimes undermined her spouse Dean Scheremet with performing artist Eddie Cibrian in 2008. The two were hitched to other individuals and attempted to work things out with their companions at the end of the day wound up together. Rimes and Cibrian later wedded in 2011.

Cibrian was the spouse of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Brandi Glanville at the season of the undertaking. He met Rimes while on set for the made-for-TV motion picture, “Aurora Borealis.”

Martin Brodeur

The well known hockey goalie in the past of the NJ Devils discovered his eyes meandering to his sister-in-law.

Brodeur’s wife Melanie Dubois petitioned for separation in 2003 after it turned out that Brodeur was engaging in extramarital relations with Dubois’ sibling’s wife, Genevieve Nault. Nault and Dubois’ sibling had lived in the Brodeur family unit I request to deal with the couple’s four youngsters.

Brodeur and Nault wedded in 2008 and had their first kid in 2009.

His relationship turned into a joke with kindred hockey player Steven Avery of the New York Rangers remarking.

“Humiliating is when u (sic) lay down with the #Nanny and get got,” Avery tweeted.

Tiki Barber

He was a mammoth con artist.

Tiki Barber the previous New York Giants begin engaged in extramarital relations with a 25-year-old ex-NBC understudy while his wife Ginny was going to bring forth the couple’s twins. He was hitched to the mother of his youngsters for a long time before she petitioned for separation.

Hair stylist inevitably wedded the understudy Traci Lynn Johnson in 2012 and the two are still attached.

Jesse James

The world was grief stricken when unscripted television character Jesse James undermined A-rundown performer Sandra Bullock.

Bits of gossip about James’ double-crossing began to spill in 2010 and he inevitably admitted to his acts of unfaithfulness.

“There is one and only individual to fault for this entire circumstance, and that is me,” he said.

Kobe Bryant

NBA champion Kobe Bryant was the focal point of a national duping outrage in 2011 when it was uncovered that his wife Vanessa Bryant got him with other lady various times.

Bryant was blamed for ambushing a 19-year-old lady in 2003 and in spite of the fact that the charges were dropped he confessed to engaging in sexual relations with her. At the time, Vanessa Bryant stayed close by.

Be that as it may, by 2011, Vanessa had achieved the final irritation that will be tolerated.

“She’s been managing these occurrences for quite a while and has been a steadfast wife, yet she’s at last had enough,” a source told TMZ at the time.

With no prenuptial assention, Vanessa got half of Kobe’s worth at $75 million dollars, and also three homes taking after the 2012 separation.

Kristen Stewart

The motion picture made couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson hit rough times because of Stewart’s craving for a more seasoned man.

Stewart went behind pattinson’s back with wedded “Snow White and the Huntsman” chief Rupert Sanders in 2012. Sanders’ said he was “completely troubled” for the agony he brought on his wife, model Liberty Ross, and their two youthful kids.

Both connections stopped after the embarrassment broke.

Eliot Spitzer

Spitzer was uncovered for requesting a first class escort administration and spending more than $80,000 on whores more than quite a while serving as both lawyer general and senator.

In 2013, he was found dating a 33-year-old previous representative for Bill de Blasio while Spitzer was still hitched to his ex.

Spitzer was additionally as of late blamed for stifling a $5,000-a-night call young lady.

Angelina Jolie

Jolie wasn’t a miscreant, yet she was a homewrecker.

She interfered with two connections: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman – both in the wake of featuring nearby Pitt and Hawke in various movies.

Hawke and Jolie had and on-screen-off-screen sentiment in 2003 amid the recording of “Taking Lives,” while he was still hitched to Thurman.

The performer featured close by Pitt in the film “Mr. also, Mrs. Smith,” where she has said they became hopelessly enamored. The two have been hitched subsequent to 2014.

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