The USA based Nigerian entertainer “Kristen Dawodu ” shares his contribution towards providing for the needy in the pandemic (COVID-19) period

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Oluwagbenga shared his part in contributing towards helping the needy in the pandemic period, he said ” life at such is challenging and humans have made it more complicated because life has fallen into class and categories where the rich are getting richer and the poor are dying for food ” he furthermore said  it is heart-wrenching to see this situation because people are suffering from hunger.
   The young, talented and a philanthropist said , in this pandemic period where people are deprived of working and being told to stay home to stop the spread of the virus, in other hand, it has done more harm than good as no source of income for most people to feed themselves and family, Kristen took many responsibilities to his shoulder, as he gives money and food items to the needy, we know he’s basically an online charity giver, so he has used the social media platform to reach out to people in this pandemic period, requesting for their account details and reaching out to them in his own way. It doesn’t stop there as he goes certain places in the united state to exhibit doorstep giving.
    Furthermore, he said “my responsibility is to help poor people, because many people don’t have enough food and are starving financially. In the world where there are many problems and different crimianality record, most especially during this pandemic period, most people face different type of problems. So we should help them. He enlightened us more that,  Been poor doesn’t make them different or unwanted, hence, it’s just a life course that they face. So on this note I say we should help people more in this pandemic period and do not be biased.


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