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Why condoms are ‘bad’ for you on Valentine’s Day


Feb 8, 2016














The St. Valentine’s Day will be commended all around on Sunday, February 14. The occasion started as a ritualistic festival of one or all the more early Christian holy people named Valentinus. It is an official gala day in the Anglican Communion, and in addition in the Lutheran Church.

The occasion, otherwise called the Feast of St Valentine, is a festival of affection saw in numerous nations around the globe. At first, it was connected with sentimental adoration in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer when the convention of cultured affection thrived in the medieval times.

In the eighteenth century England, St. Valentine’s Day advanced into an event in which significant others communicated their adoration for one another by displaying blooms, offering sweet shop and sending welcoming cards (known as ‘Valentines’).

Anyway, that is all great and well. Give us discuss sentiment, a chance to love, sex and why wearing a condom can be to a great degree awful for you on that day.

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I was at the specialist’s facility a few days ago with my flatulating issue. I said to him, “I flatulate constantly! However, the great part is that “they” are noiseless and they don’t smell. In this way, no one knows. Since the time that I ventured into your facility, I have flatulated around 20 times and no one took note.” He gave me some prescription and instructed me to come following a week.

After a week, I went raging to his office and said, “What sort of medication was that? Presently my farts stink like hellfire! The good thing is that they are still quiet. Along these lines, no one knows I did it.”

Presently, the specialist serenely answered, “Alright, so your nose disease is cleared. Next, I will give you prescription for your ears.”

Anticipation of disease

For the individuals who have ears, please listen painstakingly. Condoms forestall sexually transmitted diseases. You need to wear it before sex and be strict about not permitting natural liquid from your accomplice anyplace close to your sex organ. It averts diseases like gonorrhea, herpes, herpatitis B and C, syphilis and, obviously, HIV.

The thing about not utilizing security is that you chance getting a disease. You chance passing a disease to your accomplice. Keep in mind that our bodies are endlessly distinctive and a germ that might be nearby and neighborly to you (not giving you any manifestations or issues) might be unsafe to your accomplice. Along these lines, utilizing a condom secures you and your accomplice.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to secure yourself, then you are playing the diversion, ‘Passemon’. The sexually transmitted disease exchanging amusement! This amusement is another furor that is clearing rooms crosswise over countries. Have you got chlamydimander? What about herpesaur? On the other hand even gonococcus? Gather and swap them now with your companions!

In this way, St. Valentine’s Day is an incredible time to get however many diseases as could be expected under the circumstances. It will promise a visit to the specialists in March with a frightful urinary tract disease, a mouth blister, irritated vagina loaded with foul release, a penis dressed with warts and a conceivable positive HIV test.

The St. Valentine’s Day could be the best, most sentimental and most clever ever the length of you don’t release it to your head. Lose your heart, yet don’t lose your head. You ought to be savvy and maintain a strategic distance from circumstances that prompt issues when morning comes. Take this case, for instance: A chap thought it would be really clever putting a pin through the greater part of his closest companions’ condoms. It did appear like a smart thought at the time. Shockingly, it genuinely exploded backward when he discovered his own particular wife was pregnant. For the closest companion!

Aversion of pregnancy

Wearing a decent condom on St. Valentine’s Day could be a compelling method for anticipating pregnancy and along these lines constraining your odds of having an infant by Christmas. Among the Yoruba, a December infant is fairly extraordinary and liable to be called, ‘Abiodun’, simply like yours genuinely.

Contemplates have proposed that infants conceived around November and December are preferred acted and more canny over those conceived in the mid year months.

Researchers at both Harvard and Queensland (Australia) colleges investigated the measurements and observed that youngsters conceived in November and December had a tendency to be longer during childbirth than those conceived in the mid year. By the age of seven, the winter-conceived children were heavier, taller, and had bigger head circuit than their associates. This implies in the event that you need to bring forth a space traveler or a scientific genius, dump the condom in February and March. Likewise, guarantee your accomplice quits taking preventative pills from now. No point climbing two mountains in one night.

NB: A next day contraceptive is at present the most secure approach to forestall pregnancy after unprotected sex or contraception disappointment, with low rate of reactions. It is improbable that you will have any genuine or long haul symptoms in the wake of taking it. In the event that you would like to forestall having a December child, then hurry to your nearby scientific expert on Monday 15 and get ‘Postinor’.

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