Young Duu’s Accusations: Unraveling the Alleged Song ‘Hijacking’ by Carter Efe

In the dynamic world of the Nigerian entertainment industry, controversies often arise, creating ripples that capture the attention of fans and industry insiders alike.

The latest storm involves rising artist Young Duu and the multi-talented skit maker and music executive, Carter Efe.

Young Duu, who recently parted ways with Portable’s record label, Zeh Nation, has accused Carter Efe of allegedly “hijacking” his song ‘Oyinmo.’ This accusation has stirred up a buzz in the industry, with fans eager to understand the intricacies of this unfolding drama.

The controversy began when Young Duu, following his departure from Zeh Nation, collaborated with Carter Efe on a track titled ‘Oyinmo.’ The song, which was released just last week, was anticipated to be a new chapter in Young Duu’s musical journey.

Watch The Video” Carterefe & Young Duu – Oyinmo Below

However, the joy surrounding the release quickly turned into a storm of allegations when Young Duu took to Instagram live to share his grievances.

During the Instagram live session, Young Duu did not mince words as he expressed his dissatisfaction with Carter Efe’s actions. He insinuated that the skit maker had utilized industry mechanisms to allegedly “collect” his song. The core of Young Duu’s grievance lies in the claim that Carter Efe is now performing ‘Oyinmo’ at shows without him, a move that Young Duu views as a betrayal.

In his own words, Young Duu lamented, “Carter Efe has used all the industry brains to collect my song from me. He’s now going to shows to perform the song without me. And he’s not even an artiste; he’s a comedian.” This statement sheds light on the artist’s frustration not only with the alleged song “hijacking” but also with the fact that a non-artiste is performing his musical creation.

Young Duu’s accusations go beyond the professional realm, delving into the interpersonal dynamics between the two. He claims that Carter Efe, whom he refers to as his “helper,” is, in fact, hindering his progress in the industry. The artist expressed his dismay, stating, “Carter Efe doesn’t want anybody to help me. People will be helping me, but he will be claiming he is my helper.”

This perceived betrayal adds another layer of complexity to the situation, especially considering Young Duu’s recent departure from Zeh Nation, where he faced what he describes as mistreatment from Portable. The artist now finds himself entangled in a new set of challenges with Carter Efe, leaving him questioning the fairness of his treatment in the industry.

As news of Young Duu’s accusations against Carter Efe spread, the industry and fans alike have been abuzz with speculation and commentary. Some express skepticism, questioning the authenticity of Young Duu’s claims, while others rally behind the artist, demanding justice and fairness.

The unfolding drama between Young Duu and Carter Efe adds another chapter to the complex narrative of the Nigerian entertainment industry. Allegations of song “hijacking” and interpersonal betrayal bring to light the challenges faced by emerging artists as they navigate a competitive and often tumultuous industry. As the story continues to develop, industry insiders and fans alike will be watching closely, eager to see how this controversy unfolds and whether resolution or further complications lie on the horizon.

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