Jonathan Presidency was a disaster foretold (2)

Sam Rayburn, whose protégé turned into the late President Lyndon Johnson, 1908-1973, who changed into Senator, Vice-President and President in 1963 when overdue President John Kennedy, 1917-1963, became assassinated in Texas, Johnson’s very own state, was possibly the most effective Speaker ever in the usa’s history. He was additionally a Texan. If a President of Nigeria is ever killed within the domestic nation of his Vice-President, a civil warfare might comply with. Some of us who remember the fact that episode in 1963 which delivered Johnson to electricity, have been praying more-difficult that not anything would show up to Buhari on his visit to Ogun kingdom, early within the month. A civil warfare might have followed if something comparable came about. I am hoping Buhari stays far from Ogun country; or the South West for that count until his tenure expires. Rayburn made that assertion about standard Dwight Eisenhower, 1890-1969, while the Commander of the Allied Forces turned into selected as the flag-bearer for the Republican birthday party in 1952. Eisenhower received the election and became President of the us from 1952-1960. But, he become definitely ineffectual infrequently any legacy of his term exists everywhere. Sam Rayburn changed into proper. A person is probably properly, however, he may lack the features for country wide leadership. Whilst Obasanjo forced the combination of Yar’Adua and Jonathan on the Peoples Democratic party, PDP, and Nigeria, I had recalled Rayburn’s words. Yar’Adua and GEJ have been/are true guys inside the wrong profession – politics; in particular Nigerian/African politics. Whatever else they may have as human traits, they lacked that fundamental element one attributed to Cicero, 106-forty three BC, with the aid of Lucius Accius, 170-eighty five BC. Oderint dum metuant (Latin), which means, allow them to hate, so long as they worry.”  each political leader especially in a growing us of a, if he’s to succeed, need to have the fear factor. With out it, he is lost and the country is doomed. If there was one aspect Yar’Adua and Jonathan lacked, it turned into the concern factor. They were  “pussy-cats” draped in lion’s pores and skin and anybody took benefit of that weakness. Approximately two and a half of years ago, during one of his media chats, Jonathan had touched as regards to his approach to wielding power. He introduced that he isn’t a lion, a tiger, an autocrat and many others. That precipitated me to ask the following week on those pages, WHAT ARE YOU SIR?. Due to the fact if a frontrunner, at the same time as a manager, does no longer possess a few worry thing, then he need to depend upon offering top notch instance to hold the organization and obtain brilliant outcomes. That unluckily, isn’t always assured to succeed alone. Maximum subordinates are looking for to avoid punishment, if it’s far sure, than to get hold of rewards – even though additionally positive. Today, Jonathan is lower back in Otuoke, watching for what a “lion-hearted” leader would possibly determine to do to him after all of the revelations are in. He need to now not had been. The symptoms had been there all along that all was no longer nicely. But GEJ lacked the need to deal decisively with the culprits as events advanced. Take Haliburton issue for example; the rip-off become blown open overseas and it involved  of his predecessors in office. If he had taken up the problem and brought those responsible to justice, and, if rapidly after releasing his street MAP FOR energy programme, he had referred to as for an open inquiry into how $thirteen-sixteen billion vanished without any discernible improvement on strength supply, he might possibly not be seating in Otuoke these days. Israel simply sentenced a former President twenty four years after leaving office on account of corrupt practices. Nethayahu had sent a effective message pronouncing “i am in fee right here, nobody messes with me.” not like the Israeli leader GEJ turned into mortally terrified of OBJ; even though no person could have misplaced sleep if Jonathan had taken the self-righteous guy into EFCC custody. However, Ebele lacked the heart. He’s now reaping the harvest of his weakness. The PDP is in disarray over the choice of a md subsidized via Jonathan. Suddenly, human beings like Okupe, Fani-Kayode, who among them can not deliver hundred votes to PDP are threatening to cease if Jonathan does now not backtrack. A person knocked down by way of an elephant, because of his personal carelessness, can’t whinge if bush rats crawl all over him. Can he? The disintegration of the PDP is unavoidable. If he changes his mind, the Governors will form another party. If he doesn’t, they’ll cross. Either way, the party he led to defeat will collapse. In the meantime, different celebration leaders have started out leaving. They don’t do not forget PDP worth salvaging. History will record that the once biggest political birthday celebration in Africa, based with the aid of Dr Alex Ekwueme, (who referred to as it My toddler), and thirty-three guys of integrity, had collapsed beneath the inheritors. As conceived, PDP became a innovative try to create an all-embracing political birthday party. The G-34 included those who till then never walked the equal aspect of the political avenue – Ige and Adebanjo, with Rimi and Balarabe Musa, Ezeife and Ume-Ezeoke, Attah and Ellah. Some other “satisfactory Nigerian crew” could be tough to assume. Best God knows how Ekwueme persuaded them to paintings together. Regrettably, they made their worst mistake once they surpassed the party to Obasanjo – who introduced within the wrecking group. “Revolutions turn out to be in the fingers of mad guys. Besides, if the strength is top notch sufficient, it will make its own mad men with the aid of its nature.” Saul Bellow. (vanguard book OF QUOTATIONS p 217). GEJ is a great guy within the incorrect career. God took him to the pinnacle. He have to forestall now and permit the political jackals to combat over the carrion. He’ll virtually acquire more insults if he keeps. As top old Elphinston suggested every other political chief after suffering a hard and fast again, “You’ve had your share of mirth, of meat and drink. It’s time to end the scene. It’s time to think.” GOD store US FROM LAI MOHAMMED — 1 “God shop me from my friends; i will deal with my enemies.” An Irish prayer. I had observed Buhari due to the fact 2011; even after he misplaced. I have become afraid whilst the brand new alliance which have become APC emerged for one reason only. Some individuals don’t understand when an election has ended. They keep liberating the type of half of-truths or even falsehoods even if they’re in government. In a single country wide newspaper, the Minister said as follows: “this is the first time in the records of this united states that a government will embark on what is referred to as 0-based totally budgeting…This yr we decide that each ministry should have a zero primarily based price range.” He also claimed there has been “no padding” within the 2016 price range. Really? Allow us to start with one popular observation about Civil carrier tactics. It is a fact that any exchange to lengthy status tactics affecting the whole government have to be preceded via a round  announcing the alternate from the antique to the new and educating all public servants about the way to continue. Always workshops, retreats, and many others are organized, at least for everlasting Secretaries and directors to make certain trouble-unfastened implementation. The Secretary to the Federal government issues such circulars. Then the Ministers and DGs skip them down the road. Can Lai Mohammed submit a duplicate of the circular mandating officers to undertake the 0-sum budgeting technique for 2016 so we are able to see who signed it and whilst it become presupposed to take effect? It will additionally be of interest to understand who the idiot changed into who thought that numerous thousand public servants who in no way had revel in with 0-sum would be able to put in force that directive without schooling. We are ready…

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