YBNL Source Responds To Lyta Claims On YBNL Exit And Beef With Olamide

The YBNL, Lyta and Olamide story is now becoming more of a push and pull fight from both ends.

Remember Olamide had earlier reacted to claims of a rift between himself, YBNL and Lyta via a phone call. Then Lyta himself granted an interview with a news and media platform where he revealed he wasn’t sure YBNL was of any benefit to him.

A source close to the record label has now responded to all the allegations Lyta made in the already viral interview.

In the interview with popular news platform, the source who wanted to remain hidden revealed that karma is real and Lyta should be careful with what he says. He covered all topics Lyta talked about from his depression to his blind mum, benefits from YBNL, music sales and many more.

Regarding Lyta’s claim that he does not have a contract with YBNL, the source confirmed that this is true.

“Even Olamide himself doesn’t have a contract with YBNL. The truth is he needs to prove himself before he can get a contract. Is it someone that wears the chain of another record label that would get a contract? Or is it someone that ‘bought’ a car online and is living a fake life that will get a contract?”

About Lyta’s mum who is blind. 

“Why didn’t he inform us about his mum’s situation? He didn’t find this important enough to tell his management but he goes ahead to ask for other things.”

Was Lyta really paid N50,000 as proceedings from a show?

“Yes its true. This is a normal industry procedure. We work with percentages. He gets 40% while his manager gets a certain percentage as well. The remainder of the money goes to logistics including transport and police protection. Now, try and factor in all this when we get a show that pays about N200,000. How much will he get knowing how much we have spent already?”

How do you respond to Lyta saying he is depressed?

“Depressed? But he goes for shows and gets paid? Depressed but he goes to clubs regularly with women in his company? Depressed but he featured in a TV series without the knowledge and permission of his management? He should stop looking for people’s sympathy and always say the truth.”

Is it true he did not get any revenue from his songs Time and Selfmade?

“Bro, numbers don’t lie. If those songs made any revenue, they are there for everyone to see. Also, I am not really involved in that, another person handles that so I can’t really speak on that authoritatively.”

On the release calendar for songs and why Lyta hasn’t released any song this year

“The truth is Lyta has himself to blame for that. He is supposed to have released a song by now. Remember that this is a slow year for music with the elections and Ramadan. When he sent us the song, I informed him that it wasn’t complete and he promised to work on it. This happened on his birthday in May. Baddo had even called TY Mix to help with mixing the song but he wasn’t available. Some days later, I asked again and he said his producer was not around further delaying the release. That was how the situation remained for days till this moment. Is this how a serious musician works?”

About the benefits Lyta said he did not get from YBNL

“How can he say he doesn’t know if he got any benefits from YBNL? This is someone who we shot two videos for and gave him all the freedom he needs to do what he wants. I mean, there are sometimes he would go for shows that his management does not know about and when we ask, he will give excuses that he grew up with that person and so on and so forth.”

Does Lyta need to apologise to YBNL and Olamide?

“Apologise? No. who did he offend? Na small boy dey worry am. He just needs to stop tarnishing the image of another man. He needs to move on with his life. Things aren’t done the way he is doing it. Karma is real. He needs knowledge, wisdom, patience and most importantly prayer and not this public sympathy he is looking for up and down.”

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