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[Editorial] TOT (TRUTH ON THURSDAY) Marijuana Plethora 1: [My Weed Adventure]

This is coming straight from my heart, so I will go straight to the point.My brothers and sisters,today is a day of reminiscence.

Before I proceed, I have just one advice;

Guys,in life, I know it’s good to try new things, but before you try that so called new-thing, abeg try get small idea of whatever it is, so as to dey mentally prepared for whatever go hit you.

There was a particular Thursday in 2016, which I have never forgotten. I was with two of my weyrey (mad) friends;Chimney and Eruku (not real names though), these guys sabi smoke ‘SK’ for Africa eh! I just never did join them simply because It wasn’t my thing. Well, In all honesty, due to my respiratory system setup, I always felt so uncomfortable around smoke so it was a no no for me. But, these guys always taunted me by saying, “Guy, you better con smoke weed so you go get more sense” I always laughed and dismissed their talk. But on that particular Thursday, I don’t know where the spirit of argument that entered me came from. I said a statement that I wished I didn’t. I said; “Dis tin na leaf, infactna vegetable, e better to chop am sef than to dey smoke am. It’s safer that way”

That was the beginning of our childish arguments, which I’ll saveyou all the minute details,what you should know is these two oloriburukusfed me with a LARGE AMOUNT of their spiritual vegetable“SK”;and made sure I drank water for it to digest.Eeeeeerm.. Well at that point I can’t blame them much, we had alreadymade a bet. I told them that nothing can ever happen to me.

Well, shebi all na body systemna, so make dem clear road for senior man.I knew I was a very strong guy. And so just as I predicted,nothing happened to me.Wait let me rephrase that; nothing happened to me at first.So, I took an Okada (motorcycle) from their house to my place and in about 15 minutes, I got home. I remember I got home around 5:30 pm and went straight to the kitchen to cook beans for my family’s dinner. After putting the beans on the gas cooker, I came back to our sitting room and laid down on one of the sofas.

After a while, I decided to get up to go and check the beans I was cooking, that’s when I knew that my life had become fucked up. TOTALLY FUCKED UP

I stood up from the chair and I felt kind of incomplete. I tried taking a few steps but It felt like something was missing in I looked down, behold I was staring at half of my body still remaining on the chair. I SWEAR TO GOD I AIN’T MAKING THIS SHIT UP. That’s exactly what I saw with my eyes at that point.I started to panic. Well, with a mix of fear and courage together, I had to sit down on the sofa to beg my body to follow me to the kitchen.

Nawao..sheynasocrasedey start without any warning???I literally dragged the remaining part of my body to the kitchen. When ‘we’ managed to get to the kitchen, I started feeling one kainheat, but this was not the heat emanating from the gas cooker, my brothers and sisters it came from inside my body. ThenI heard a small voice that whispered to me. “Brielo this is not the holy ghost fire.Youneed help, you haf start to mad….”

{Read the concluding part of this story MARIJUANA PLETHORA next week Thursday on #TOT}

Concluding Part Now Available Here TOT (Truth On Thursday) – THE AFTERMATHS OF MARIJUANA (Sequel to Plethora)


-Sean Brielo

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